Makeup Trends to Fall in Love With This Season

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This fall, ditch the matte and step into the dew. These makeup trends are sure to make statements this fall, so grab your favorite brushes and beauty blenders and lets get started. 

Dewy Skin

First things first, you want your skin to be dewy. Staying on top of your moisturizing routine is important, especially when it starts to get colder and dryer outside. This can be achieved by using an illuminating, lightweight foundation and applying it with a damp beauty blender. Investing in a liquid blush will also help with achieving that youthful, glowy look. 

Sunburnt Blush

That brings me to the next trend: “sunburnt” blush. Focus your blush onto the higher points of your face, where you’d usually place a highlighter, especially by your temples. You can still apply a highlighter over it for an extra glow. Pro tip: If you’re using a liquid blush, blend with your fingers or a beauty blender to show off that pigment and really accomplish this trend.  

Bold Eyeshadow

Now for the most exciting part: the eyes. Using bold colors, glitter and shimmer are all totally in. Planning on wearing an orange sweater? Match it with an orange shimmery eyeshadow. Dig into your favorite glittery shadows and smudge them onto your lid. Use your fingertips for an extra shimmery application. You may even want to get creative and dig into some rhinestones, which can be adhered with a touch of lash glue.

Double Eyeliner

Eyeliner trends come and go, but this fall they’re here to stay. “Double eyeliner” has been a trend that we’ve been seeing everywhere— from runways to magazine covers to influencers. The trick is using an eyeliner pen, which can ensure precision and sharp lines. Connect the end of your winged liner to a line over the crease. This will elevate any eye look into a high fashion editorial look, which is sure to get compliments at any fall festivity.

Smokey Eyeliner

You can also try the smokey eyeliner trend to bring some drama to your look. Use a gel eyeliner pencil and a small dense eyeshadow brush dipped in black eyeshadow to make a smoked-out wing with your eyeliner. Smudge some onto your lower lash line to pull it together. This look will make your eyes pop and it’s so easy to do. 

Overlined Glossy Lips

Now for the lip. Overlined glossy lips came in the spring and they’re staying for the fall. Grab a lip pencil, a matching lip shade and your favorite gloss. Nudes are in, but so are darker shades such as maroons, reds, plum and browns. Don’t be afraid to be bold with your lip! 

No matter who you are or your skill of makeup artistry, you can participate in these makeup trends and be sure to make statements this fall.


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