Fall-tastic Fun: DIY Crafts for Little Picassos and Parents

Mason jars decorated with tree branches, colorful tissue paper, and lit candles.
Courtesy of Where Imagination Grows

The season of colors is here. As the leaves turn to warm shades of orange and red, get inspired and let your inner artist take over. Bond with family and express your creativity with these fall crafts for parents and kids to enjoy together.

Discover this unique way to recycle old mason jars. These work great as centerpieces for family dinners or luminous decorations for a cozy movie night. Imagine adding a personal touch to these luminaries by designing and affixing candle labels with your family’s favorite fall motifs.

Mason Jar Fall Luminaries

Discover this unique way to recycle old mason jars. These work great as centerpieces for family dinners or luminous decorations for a cozy movie night. 


Mason jars 

Mod Podge 

Colored tissue paper ripped into pieces

Brown construction paper




  1. Paint the Mod Podge onto one section of the mason jar. It is better to work in sections because Mod Podge dries very quickly. This way, you can take your time decorating your mason jar.
  2. Stick the pieces of colored tissue paper to the side of the mason jar covered in Mod Podge. Repeat steps one and two until your jar is completely covered with tissue paper.
  3. Cut the brown construction paper into a tree shape and glue it onto the decorated mason jar with more Mod Podge.
  4. Brush on a final layer of Mod Podge over the entire jar to smooth out any loose tissue paper and to ensure the tree stays in place. Let dry.
  5. Place a candle inside the decorated mason jar and watch the colors glow!
Red, green, and yellow apple shapes stamped on a white canvas sitting on a wood table with two apples and two paper plates in honor of Fall.
Courtesy of Sara Reimers on Sunshine Whispers

Apple Stamping

Apple stamping is the one time when it’s ok to play with your food. As an added plus, this craft might even convince your little ones to eat a healthy snack while they paint. 


Cardstock paper or canvas

Tempera paint 

Paper plate or flat tray



Popsicle sticks (optional)

Paintbrushes (optional)


  1. Cut each apple in half.
  2. If you would prefer to minimize the mess, create a makeshift handle by pressing a popsicle stick into the apple halves, skin side up. Otherwise, jump in hands first and worry about the mess later!
  3. Pour your desired paint color onto a paper plate or tray and firmly press the core side of the apple halve into the paint.
  4. Quickly move over to your paper or canvas and stamp your paint-covered apple.
  5. Repeat steps three through four until your page is covered with as many apples as you want. If you want to be extra creative, bring out the paintbrushes and decorate your apple stamps in any design your heart desires.
Wreath of yellow, green, red, and orange leaves on a wood background in honor of Fall.
Courtesy of Honey & Lime

Fall Leaves Wreath

Get inspired by the colorful nature around you, express your creativity, and save money on fall decorations while making these DIY wreaths. 


Paper plates

Faux fall leaves

Liquid glue



Hole punch


  1. Fold the paper plate in half and remove the center by cutting a half circle on the folded side.
  2. Unfold the plate and punch a hole in the top (tip: cut two overlapping holes if your ribbon will not fit through one). Thread the ribbon through the hole and tie the end into a loop.
  3. Cover the paper plate in glue and paste the faux leaves around it until it is completely covered in fun fall colors. 
  4. Let dry and hang your creation on the front door for everyone to see!

Need materials? Check out local art shops like Sam Flax Orlando, Colonial Photo and Hobby, and Michael’s to get the crafting started!


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Written by Jenna Greaves

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