4 Awesome Easter Egg Decorating Ideas for Kids

Easter brings thoughts of springtime fun, treats from the Easter Bunny, and creating colorful eggs! Decorating Easter eggs leaves an endless amount of possibilities for creation. However, supplies could be hard to find this year if you haven’t gotten an egg coloring kit yet.

Here are our tips and tricks for decorating Easter eggs at home and some alternatives to the traditional coloring kits!

Classic Food Coloring

To fashion with food coloring, mix 1/2 cup boiling water, one teaspoon white vinegar and as much food coloring as desired to reach your perfect shade. Once you have each color ready, submerge your hardboiled eggs into the colors to create your masterpiece.

Sharpie Marker and Paint

Styling with these supplies is an easy alternative because you probably already have markers and paint sets on hand already. To make this creation, simply boil your eggs and allow them to cool until at room temperature. Then draw on the eggs with bright Sharpie markers and then slowly drip rubbing alcohol on to the egg to create a tie dye pattern of beautiful colors. Water color paints are also a great alternative. These supplies make for a beautiful design but, remember, these Easter eggs are not safe to eat and should only be used for decoration!

Kool-aid Powder

Using Kool-aid powder to decorate your eggs not only brings vibrant colors but tasty flavors to your Easter project! To begin, fill a container or cup with one packet of Kool-aid mix and 2/3 cup of water per color. Repeat this step with different flavored Kool-aid packets to make various colors. Once your color palette is ready, simply stir your mixture and dip you hardboiled eggs. This easy and flavorful decorating alternative allows for decorators to skip the white vinegar since Kool-aid contains citric acid!

Melted Crayons

Crafting with crayons is a totally unique way to decorate your eggs! To make this masterpiece, shave crayons into little pieces and place in bowls ready to be used. Then, boil your eggs and place the hot eggs on a paper plate. Sprinkle the shavings of your desired colors directly onto the hot eggs. This will allow the crayons to melt into the egg shell, making a unique design! Remember to use caution when handling hot eggs and to always supervise your little helpers!

DIY Dry For Your Dye

Fancying a drying rack can be puzzling if you don’t already have an iron rack to place your finished Easter eggs. However, there are lots of easy options at home to make your own! Using the egg carton from your fridge, place your eggs in their designated spots and allow them to dry or for a unique craft, take a styrofoam piece and place quilting pins in the foam! This will create a sturdy holding stand to rest your eggs on so they dry!


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