Celebrating the Woman Next Door: Micaela Stone

This month, in partnership with AdventHealth for Women, we’re recognizing some of the women in our community who are selflessly giving to others while raising families, supporting their loved ones and/or building their careers. Whether they know it or not, their stories inspire other women near and far.


Meet Micaela Stone

Micaela Stone is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with Orlando Psychology Associates who specializes in working with children and adolescents. She completed a Bachelor of Social Work degree in 2016, with a Children Services Certificate. Micaela then received her Master of Social Work degree in 2017; both degrees received from the University of Central Florida. Micaela has experience working in a school setting and currently serves as a Mental Health Social Worker for Orange County Public Schools. She has also provided mental health services in an inpatient facility, as well as at a central Florida outpatient community mental health center. Working as a mentor for Keeping It Classy Sisterhood, a local mentoring program for young women in Central Florida, Micaela teaches young women to serve, lead, and advocate. In her downtime, she enjoys taking fitness classes, being outdoors, trying new coffee shops, and spending time with her dog.

What is your WHY?

I would say that my “why” for doing what I do is I truly believe in the ethics behind social work. All people, regardless of their circumstances, deserve the opportunity to be heard and an opportunity to grow and change their lives.

Have you drawn inspiration from other women? Tell us about someone who has inspired you?

I think that every healing professional that I come into contact with, from my old licensure supervisor and coworkers to my current coworkers, anybody that does this work knows how hard it is. Learning new things from all of them has been really impactful. If I were to think of one person right now, it would be my current coworker, Veronica Lewis. Just seeing her act as a true mentor and advocate for young woman has been really inspiring.

What are you most proud of?

I’m most proud of the little moments. I’m proud when a client says to me they remember what I said about a situation, or when they tell me about a skill that they’ve used that we’ve implemented in their treatment plan. Those moments stick out to me the most. It’s knowing that my work outside of a session made a difference in someone’s life.


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