3 Holiday Season Nails That Are Trending— Try it Now

It is always fun to elevate your holiday looks with a matching set of nails. These three easy holiday looks will add a pizzazz to any outfit while saving money by doing it yourself. 

Halloween: Spooky Googly Eyes

Halloween nails with bat googly eyes.

You are sure to draw the eyes of many with this cute but chilling set of nails. To start you will need to apply a black base to the nails then follow it up with a matte top coat. After it dries, grab a nail dotting tool and dip it into a white polish. Be sure to create a big dot because then you will take that same tool and dip it into the black to create the pupil of the eye. Finish it off with another matte topcoat and the look is finished. 

Fall: Autumn French Tip Nails

Fall French Tip nail design.

For a more muted fall look, you can easily create a French-tip look with a twist by adding the typical fall colors: orange, brown, and tan. First, add a base color for your look, you can go for the traditional French tip base or choose any color that suits you. Then, using a thin nail brush, follow the shape of the tip of your nail. Swap between your chosen color scheme to create a pattern. Add a glossy or matte topcoat, and you’re done.

Winter: Snowflakes

Winter nail design with snow flakes.

With this look, there is freedom in every aspect. You can choose whatever color as your base, whether you follow the picture to a tee or swap the color for any seasonal color. In any instance, the look will surely add a subtle hint of wonderland to your winter looks. To add the snowflake detail use a toothpick to draw four lines: vertical, horizontal, and two going diagonal each way. Then, to each tip, draw small diagonal lines to finish the snowflake. Finish your look with a topcoat, and you’re done. 

The great thing about nail designs is that you have the freedom to make it your own. Every design will be unique to that person, and that creativity brings excitement to painting your nails.


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Written by Alexa Fuentes

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