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How to Apply the Natural Makeup Trend

With natural skin being very prevalent this spring, it can be hard to appear natural when using full-coverage products. One way to go about this is by using faux freckles. By lightly drawing on some freckles, it gives the impression that your natural skin’s beauty is peeking through. This is a super easy trick that most people already have the tools to achieve. All you need is an eyebrow pencil, a brush or beauty sponge and about 30 seconds.

Step one:
Lay down a base of foundation and/or concealer and set it with a powder as normal.

Step two:
Take a brow pencil (whichever color you use on your brows) and press down very lightly across the nose bridge and under eye region. The freckles may look a little too dark at this point but the next step will take care of that.

Step three:
Blend in the freckles using a powder brush (brushing swiftly across the dots) or beauty sponge (dabbing across the dots) to help them blend in with the skin to form a more natural appearance.

Best Products for your Springtime Routine

After scrolling through Instagram or flipping through a magazine, it quickly becomes clear that glowy and sun-kissed skin is a big trend this spring. People are using less powders and layers to reveal a more “your skin but better” type of look.

Here are some products that will help you achieve that spring glow without having to spend hours to get it.

1. Beauty Oil: Beauty oil is a staple for anyone who wants their makeup to have a natural radiance to it. You can add a drop to your foundation for some extra glow, lightly prime your face with it before beginning to apply your makeup, or even use it to make the makeup removal process easier. Ranging from $15-$200, there are tons of products on the market, so there is bound to be one that will work for you. Tip! Make sure that the oil is labeled as face safe. Many body and face oils are packaged similar, but body oil on the face can cause breakouts.

2. Cream Blush: Blush is something that a lot of people skip out on, and I used to be like that as well. Once you find a blush shade that is perfect for your complexion, the chances of you ever skipping it again are slim to none. It helps by adding back some of the flushed color that foundation wipes away and making the skin look healthier. This spring, cream blushes have blown up because of their natural and buttery finish. Unlike powder blushes, creams melt into the skin to give the most perfectly natural tint. Because they are cream, they are to be applied before any powders to avoid any issues.

3. Clear Brow Gel: This may seem like something that is used year-round, and while that is true, it plays an especially big part in this spring’s “I just got back from my facial” look that everyone is after. We have watched the “ideal brow” evolve from the over-tweezed 2000s shape into the more recent “Instagram brow.” Right now, the more bold and defined brow is on its way out the door as people are swaying in the opposite direction. As of late, people have begun to minimize the time spent on brows. Adding little to no product at all and running some brow gel through them to help feather the hairs out has become increasingly popular. It’s easier, takes less time and shifts most of the focus onto your radiant skin.

4 Beauty Treatments You Have to Try
By Lyndsay Fogarty

Trendy beauty treatments come and go year in and year out. Some even stick around for a while. The following are in right now and can help keep your skin looking its best.

When you think of hot stones in a beauty treatment, you probably think of a hot stone massage. However, a Hot Stone Facial brings the same soothing technique to the face and décolletage area. Not only does the warmth feel good on these sensitive areas but the heat stimulates circulation in the body and eases tension.

IV Vitamin Therapy provides a boost of energy along with other health-related benefits. Individuals typically try this treatment for three reasons: wellness, beauty and sports performance. The uniting factor is hydration. Sending vitamins like B Complex and Vitamin C straight to the bloodstream ensures you get the most out of these nutrients, as gut issues that plague many Americans can affect the way vitamins are absorbed when taken in pill form.

Using Fish Oil Supplements provides many benefits to the human body. It keeps the brain functioning the way it should, but it also benefits the skin. The omega-3 fatty acids found in fish oil supplements regulates oil production, which, in turn, boosts the hydration of the skin, delays aging and prevents breakouts. If you’re not getting enough fish in your diet then you definitely want to start including fish oil supplements in your daily vitamin intake.

With LED Light Therapy, the low-level energy in the light is able to penetrate the skin and be absorbed by it, resulting in skin rejuvenation, tissue repair and the stimulation of collagen. This unique therapy is works for breakouts and can ease inflammation. The best part is that because the energy level is so low, the skin isn’t heated during a treatment, so it doesn’t cause thermal damage. Even more, different colors have different effects: blue works for breakouts, red reduces inflammation and stimulates collagen and amber builds collagen and elastin.


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