2024’s Most Important Wedding Trends To Look Out For

The wedding scene in Central Florida is buzzing with innovation and personalized touches, making each celebration uniquely memorable. The Central Florida Wedding Association (CFWA) shares insights into the latest trends shaping nuptials’ future. Here’s what’s in vogue for 2024 weddings.


Aerial Elegance and Candid Moments: Jenn Laiacona, President of CFWA and Co-owner of Cona Studios, notes, “As a wedding photo & video company, we are seeing three prevalent trends with our 2024 couples.  These include aerial imagery for breathtaking, “eyes in the sky” cinematic perspectives, documentary style candid content over posed, traditional imagery, and photo/table dashes to ensure the couple captures a photo with all of their guests.” 

Inclusive Celebrations: The concept of wedding parties is evolving, with couples opting for genderless groups, seated arrangements, and personalized outfit choices, reflecting a move towards inclusivity and individual expression.

Creative Cocktail Hours: Gen Z’s lean towards alcohol abstinence is reshaping cocktail hours, with mocktails becoming the star of the show, offering a sophisticated yet inclusive alternative for all guests.

Unforgettable Guest Experiences: Weddings are becoming more experiential, featuring live painters, petting zoos, and even surprise appearances by beloved characters like Mickey & Minnie, ensuring guests leave with lasting memories.

Redefining Sweetness: The traditional wedding cake is making way for dessert bars, offering a variety of treats from donuts to cereal bars, allowing guests to indulge in a personalized sweet experience.

Floral and Decor Palette: 2024’s color trends, including ‘Peach Fuzz’ and ‘Marseille Bleu,’ are finding their way into floral arrangements and decor, setting a vibrant and trendy wedding tone.

Bridal Beauty Wisdom: Shireen Weis and the House of Sheen Glam Team emphasize a few tips when preparing for bridal hair and makeup.


  • Stay hydrated. 
  • Limit your alcohol consumption (mimosas count).
  • Get good rest the night prior. 
  • Make sure everyone’s hair is CLEAN from the day before and blow-dried (dirty hair is a styling myth).
  • Ensure a member of your party is always in the artist’s chair.
  • Have your bridal preview photos and notes handy. 
  • Show inspirational photos/ if giving your party creative freedom, have them utilize Pinterest as a tool.



  • Oversleep.
  • Have damp or wet hair. 
  • People-please. If you really want the members of your parties to be synchronized. 
  • Drink beverages without a straw after your lipstick is on.
  • Forget to put your customized touch-up kit in your purse! 
  • Scratch your face after makeup is applied; tap instead. 
  • Take all staged photos with hair and makeup until your look is complete (you’ll be happier with your getting-ready photos). 

As you determine which trends best fit you, visit www.centralfloridaweddingassociation.com/directory/ for recommended vendors in Orlando. 


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Written by Alexis George

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