Cleanest and Dirtiest Lakes in the US: Central Florida Dominates the Rankings

Aerial view of pontoon boat on Lake Santeetlah, North Carolina in autumn.
Aerial view of pontoon boat on Lake Santeetlah, North Carolina in autumn.

Discover the cleanest and dirtiest lakes in the United States, with Central Florida leading the way in lake cleanliness. researchers have analyzed eight key factors to determine the cleanliness levels of lakes nationwide, including dissolved oxygen levels, ammonia levels, lead levels, phosphorous levels, sulfate levels, total dissolved solids, turbidity, and pH.

Cleanest Lakes in the United States

Florida’s Lake Louise has been named the cleanest lake in the country, boasting minimal counts across all eight cleanliness indicators. Axhandle Lake in Wisconsin and Bear Gully Lake in Florida follow closely behind.

Top 10 Cleanest Lakes:

Rank Lake State Location
1 Lake Louise FL Orange County
2 Axhandle Lake WI Chippewa County
3 Bear Gully Lake FL Seminole County
4 Lake Mooney VA Stafford County
5 Aberdeen Lake MS Monroe County
6 Amory Lake FL Seminole County
7 Lake Downey FL Orange County
8 Claytor Lake VA Pulaski County
9 Sylvan Lake FL Seminole County
10 Lake Spivey FL Pasco County

Dirtiest Lakes in the United States

On the other end of the spectrum, Utah Lake in Utah has been identified as the dirtiest lake in the nation, with high levels of contaminants. Texas has two lakes in the top three dirtiest: Lake J. B. Thomas and Lake Wichita.

Top 10 Dirtiest Lakes:

Rank Lake State Location
1 Utah Lake UT Utah County
2 Lake J. B. Thomas TX Scurry County
3 Lake Wichita TX Wichita County
4 Waurika Lake OK Jefferson County
5 Dave Boyer (Walters) Lake OK Cotton County
6 Lake Buchanan TX Burnet County
7 Lake Helena MT Lewis and Clark County
8 Lake Ellsworth OK Comanche County
9 Hammock Lake FL Polk County
10 Wolf Branch Canal FL Lake County

These rankings highlight the importance of maintaining lake cleanliness to ensure the health of our ecosystems and communities. Central Florida, in particular, shines with multiple lakes in the top cleanest list, showcasing its commitment to environmental preservation.


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