Spring Golf Wear: Stylish Trends To Look Out For

More Americans are playing golf than ever before. Central Florida is a prime destination for the sport, with more than 150 courses within a 45-minute drive of downtown. 

With golf gaining popularity, especially amongst the younger generations, the sport’s fashion trends are here to follow suit. 

Golf wear has become increasingly popular, especially here in Central Florida, where people want to be as comfortable as possible in the spring and summer humidity but still fashion-forward. Golf wear can take you from the golf course to one of our many theme park attractions, beaches, shops or restaurants – making it the perfect fit for any occasion. 

Here are the top golf apparel trends we’re expecting to see this spring:

Nostalgic Nod to Americana 

It’s no secret that everything eventually comes back in style. This spring, we will see more retro-inspired sportswear that is a nostalgic nod to the Americana aesthetic. 

Known as a timeless style, Americana utilizes classic silhouettes to pay homage to the vintage styles of the 1950s and beyond, reflecting America’s peak point of patriotism. 

Oversized short-sleeved polos with relaxed open-neck collars were a wardrobe staple for 50s athleisure wear. We can expect to see these same characteristics this spring in golf wear, in addition to bold stripes and classic A-line pleated silhouettes. 

Edgy Elements 

We also expect to see a trend of edge and innovation for golf wear this spring.

Edgy styles can sharpen both your look and your golf game. Think striking, classic hues like black, white, and gray coupled with the unconventional yet modern look of asymmetrical collars, digital camo print, bold stripes and color blocks. 

Seasonal Hues 

Seasonal hues play a significant role in fashion trends. Regarding spring hues for golf wear, we expect to see more soothing, rich, earthy tones. Hunter green, blush, taupe and golden browns will appear along with the critical monotone colorway – black, white and gray. 

We’ll also see vibrant pops of classic spring colors like dusty blue and turquoise, combining traditional hues with a modern edge. 

Performance Features 

While some of the most notable fashion features touch on form, the function is equally important, especially in golf wear. 

Performance materials add functionality to trending designs. Perforated fabrications, for example, allow for greater ease of movement and exceptional breathability, which are ideal for any active endeavor.

Storage will also be a trend, such as tactically placed front welted zipper pockets in jackets and thoughtfully hidden compartments in vests. This additional storage will make golf tees, balls and ball markers easily accessible when needed on the course. 

As athleisure wear and the sport of golf continue to rise in popularity – especially here in Central Florida – golf wear will make the perfect spring staple for any wardrobe. 


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