Hurricane Season Preparation Starts Now. Are you Ready?

"Hurricane season" sign in front of cloudy skies.

Hurricane season is here, and it’s important to be prepared in case of an emergency. Living in Florida, the threat of hurricanes is very much alive, and there are a few things you can do to ensure you’re ready in the event of a hurricane. 

What’s in Your Hurricane Kit?

Creating a hurricane kit is a great first step. This kit will have supplies you can take with you if you’re forced to evacuate or stay in a home with no power. It’s best to get these supplies as soon as possible because once hurricanes are approaching, people will rush to get all of the supplies they need. To avoid that chaos, head to the store now and get your cans and batteries with time to spare. 

  • Water
  • First aid kit
  • Non-perishable food (and a can opener, if needed)
  • Flashlights
  • Batteries 
  • Battery-powered fans 
  • Portable phone chargers 
  • Waterproof container with cash and important documents
  • Lighter 
  • Cooler and ice packs 
  • Games, books, etc. 

Knowing Your Home

blocking the windows for hurricane prep

Some houses are more susceptible to damage from winds and flooding than others, so it’s important to plan accordingly. You can do this by covering your windows, fastening your roof if necessary and bringing in all outdoor furniture. It’s also essential to make sure trees are trimmed well in advance because debris can be dangerous. 

There is always a possibility that hurricanes can lead to power outages. You can do some things to help with the inconveniences and discomfort of a power outage, such as preventing light from entering the house to keep out the heat. Utilizing battery-powered fans may help to keep cool as well. 

In order to store water that can be used for washing and flushing, fill a bathtub or any large containers with water. Make sure to have separate water that’s clean and safe for drinking. 


It’s also important to make sure you fill your tank with gas and have extra gas for generators. Gas stations tend to run out early when there are storms approaching, so plan accordingly.  If you are using a generator, make sure to use it safely and keep the generator away from the house, windows, doors and vents. 

Make sure to educate yourself on where your nearest shelter is in case of evacuation. Also, pay attention to whether or not those shelters are pet-friendly if applicable. 

This hurricane season, stay informed. Tune in to local weather stations and messages from officials. Stay safe, stay dry and stay prepared! 


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