How To: Digital Vision Board

A traditional vision board, or dream board, is a collection of images that inspire, motivate, and illustrate an individual’s specific goals. A digital board consists of these same elements, but it is created using digital media.

The power behind the board is manifestation. Seeing your dreams in front of you, whether it be a vacation, new job, or house, makes it feel more obtainable. To have the reminder of what you are working toward keeps you on track to achieve your goals.

According to a 2021 Pew Research Center survey, 31% of U.S. adults report that they are almost constantly online. The survey also found that 85% of adults go online several times per day, and only six percent go online once a day. Being able to have access to a phone, tablet, or laptop means the world (wide web) is at your fingertips. Having a digital vision board allows you to take your dreams with you, wherever you go.

Start creating your board by picking a few different categories of things you like and would like to do. The saying goes, no dream is too big, no dreamer too small.

Here are some of our fancy ideas:

■ An exotic vacation, like the Maldives, Budapest, or Australia

■ An electric car

■ Fantasy home

■ Big or small family

■ Ideal job

Here are some of our smaller items or ideas:

■ New shoes

■ A pet

■ Candles

■ Gym equipment

■ Healthy recipes

Pick out words that incentivize you. A few examples include:

■ Ambition

■ Believe

■ Aspire

■ Clarity

■ Confidence

■ Value

■ Mindfulness

■ Improve

■ Focus

Then, find images that you can use to illustrate your goals. These can be images you have either taken or found on social media or other apps/websites.

There are lots of free and user-friendly sites out there to help you.

These are the ones we recommend starting with:






Once you have created your digital media masterpiece, you will need to decide where and how you will display it.

For maximum effect, we suggest setting it as your lock screen on your cell phone. This way every time you check the time or answer a text, you are also reminding yourself what is in

the process.

Maybe you want to keep your dreams a little more private and saving your board as an image on your phone and setting a reminder to look at it once a day is more your style. You can also set it to be your laptop desktop screen, cell phone or iPad home screen, or any combination of these displays.

The best part of having a digital vision board is being able to easily change or add what is on it! So, take a moment, find what inspires you and get to dreamin’.


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Written by Kendall Beebe

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