Taste of the Islands: Where to Find Authentic Caribbean Cuisine in Florida

Florida, well-known as the Sunshine State, is known not just for its glorious beaches, amazing landscapes, and theme parks but also for its culinary scenes. Every year, millions of visitor’s flock to the state to enjoy the fusion cuisine influenced by different cultures. Due to the large population of immigrants from the Caribbean islands, it is one of the few states in the country where you can truly enjoy authentic Caribbean cuisine. 

 Plan a memorable holiday to explore the vibrant flavors of the islands in the heart of Florida or embark on a cruise and visit the most beautiful islands of the Caribbean. Whether one is interested to learn more about the Bahamian heritage in Key West or interested in Cuban cuisine in Miami, Florida is the state to head for! 

Let us take a look at some of the places where you are sure to find authentic Caribbean cuisine in Florida. 

Miami – Miami is indeed a hotspot for those looking for Caribbean cuisine and the right place to start your culinary journey. With a large population of Haitians, Jamaicans and Bahamians, you will not only find the best Caribbean cuisine in the country but also some fantastic performers, dance and music on the streets. 

  • Hotspots – Little Haiti, Chef Creole, North Miami Beach, Clive’s Café to enjoy traditional dishes such as curry goat, jerk chicken, fried pork. 

Tampa – Tampa boasts a huge population of Caribbean people and boasts of some of the best Caribbean restaurants. Do not miss out on the Caribbean music and dance, along with the food and drinks. 

  • Hotspots – Yah Mon Caribbean Restaurant, Hines Caribbean Cuisine, Karib Restaurant LLC, Ybor City district to sample Caribbean meals and the jerk chicken. 

Key West – Key West has a thriving Caribbean food scene that is packed with Caribbean culture. You will love looking at the colorful homes along the streets as well as the street vendors selling Caribbean delicacies. 

  • Hotspots – Bahama Village neighborhood, The Jerk, Mo’s Restaurant for Caribbean specialties like ropa vieja, shredded beef stew, and Cuban sandwiches. 


Orlando– Move towards the north to reach Orlando, which is a melting pot of Caribbean flavors. Orlando offers a wide array of spots and options to satisfy your cravings for the Caribbean flavors. 

  • Hotspots – Golden Krust Caribbean Bakery, Caribbean Sunshine Bakery for spicy beef patties, baked goods, sweet currant rolls. 

Caribbean food is just perfect for those looking for a satisfying meal or for a quick snack while on the go. Whether you’re here in Florida to explore and enjoy a diverse array of options to savor the Caribbean flavors, you are sure to find the most authentic and flavorful journey of Caribbean cuisine. This is the right spot to start your Caribbean culinary adventure with traditional influences from Puerto Rica, Jamaica, Cuba, and the world. 

Whichever region or island you select in Florida, get ready for a sunny break with plenty to do and see and experience. Caribbean cuisine like never before! 


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