Brevard County: A New Chapter in Conservation and Exploration

Besides being the world’s center for space exploration, Brevard County is a coveted tourist destination where diverse experiences attract guests from across the state and country to see all the Space Coast has to offer. From gorgeous coastlines to the latest space innovation and unparalleled access to wildlife, the county is home to immersive attractions that have earned the region its rank as the second best-performing city in the U.S.

For decades, the Space Coast has been known for its ties to Port Canaveral, Kennedy Space Center, Brevard Zoo and other attractions. Now, under the auspices of Brevard Zoo, a future center is coming that will not only affect the region’s economy but also positively impact our local waterways and ecosystem. East Coast Zoological Foundation (ECZF), a nonprofit that owns and operates Brevard Zoo, is building its next campus, a future Aquarium and Conservation Center at Port Canaveral, on 14 acres of shoreline. Expected to break ground later this year with an anticipated opening in 2027, the future Aquarium will provide impactful, immersive experiences for guests to encounter the natural world and preserve the future of the Indian River Lagoon. 

The Lagoon is home to more than 4,000 species of plants and animals, 50 of which are listed as endangered or threatened. ECZF’s critical work with the Indian River Lagoon focuses on solutions for water quality improvement, habitat protection and restoration, and increased resilience to storm damage and erosion, all of which will be amplified through the future Aquarium. 

Rooted in our dedication to conservation and providing a sustainable future for our community, the Aquarium and Conservation Center serves as a beacon to connect guests with nature and animals through authentic experiences. The future Aquarium is a natural attraction, offering unique guest-facing projects, including its Sea Turtle Care Complex, whose innovative design will allow visitors to follow a turtle’s journey of care. Authentic, natural experiences will set our future Aquarium apart from other attractions, allowing families to immerse themselves and discover the real Florida. 

The future Aquarium will include opportunities for guests to be surrounded by native shark species in a captivating experience, including encounters where guests can wade the shallow pathway of the stingray habitat and other dedicated spaces to interact with and learn more about the wildlife.

Brevard County recently saw record-breaking tourism, with the Space Coast Office of Tourism collecting over 25 million in tourism development taxes last year. Our county continues to thrive as we continue to grow. With the recent rebranding of the region in alignment with major attractions, Brevard County offers unique experiences for guests to reimagine Florida. The future Aquarium and Conservation Center is just starting as part of a $100 million fundraising campaign. It will make an impactful and impressive addition to the region, offering guests a unique experience connecting with nature and the wildlife with which we share our home. 

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