Celebrating the Woman Next Door: Doreen Forsythe

This month, in partnership with AdventHealth for Women, we’re recognizing some of the women in our community who are selflessly giving to others while raising families, supporting their loved ones and/or building their careers. Whether they know it or not, their stories inspire other women near and far.


Meet Doreen Forsythe

As the Senior Manager of Women’s & Children’s Health Navigation at AdventHealth and a valued member of the AdventHealth team since 2001, Doreen Forsythe, BSN, RN oversees a team of Nurse Navigators that help coordinate women’s healthcare needs. A specially trained
registered nurse, Doreen is available to help women access AdventHealth’s extensive networks of services across Central Florida. She not only provides expert clinical assistance but also helps to identify ways to best connect patients with resources and manage overall care. Doreen acts as a personal advocate, creating a seamless healthcare experience that focuses on health, wellness, hospitality, and convenience.

Doreen’s vast clinical experience has been an integral part of building the program for Women’s & Children’s Health Navigation at AdventHealth. Under her leadership, compassion and empathy have become pillars of the program. Having been a long-term resident of West Orange County, Doreen has formed lasting relationships with members of the community, committing herself to providing patients and their family the support they need throughout their healthcare journey. Besides her work, Doreen is a proud mom and stepmom to six children, caregiver for her husband, and is actively involved in youth sport and activities in the West Orange community.

What is your WHY?

It’s difficult to summarize, because I have so many “whys.” I would say my “why” is my faith and family. There is not a choice or a decision I make without considering my children and my family first. I play so many roles as a woman, mom, wife, friend and daughter. I want to make my parents proud of me. They both recently passed within five years, and I think of them every day. Everything
they instilled in me, my morals and my work ethic, is with me every day.

Have you drawn inspiration from other women? Tell us about someone who has inspired you?

I would say all the women in our community are so inspirational to me. I meet so many women from all different backgrounds and demographics, and they’re all dealing with something major. When I see how these women pick up the pieces of their lives, even when they’re shattered, and the way they get back up on their feet and do their best each day, I find each of them incredibly inspiring.

What are you most proud of?

I am most proud of my family and of my children. We’ve had some major highs and some major lows, and we just keep going. God has a plan. I’m also proud of what we have accomplished with our Health Navigation Team. The work that we do is very personal to me. I’m proud of the work we do, proud of what it’s become and all the different ways that I can continue to grow in this role.


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