All the Pool Floats You’ll Need This Summer

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So, you’re planning for an action-packed summer filled with water activities for the entire family. You’ve made a checklist to ensure that you have everything: sunscreen, towels, and a cute swimsuit. But what are you missing? More than likely it’s a fun pool float that marks your unique swim style.

Here are some great pool float options for this summer.

Must-Have Floats

First things first, your must-have floats are what are going to carry you throughout the day, literally! It is essential to pick up a float that is sustainable for laying down in a preferred position so that you can experience the ultimate relaxation while lounging in the water for hours. Considering that you can be lounging in the water for hours, you most likely may want to invest in a comfortable floaty that is suitable for catching rays. In other words, look for a flat pool float that fully exposes your body to the summer heat waves of Florida.

Double Floats

While summer is usually jam-packed with family time and fun, perhaps, you plan on having a lot of one-on-one time with that special person or maybe you simply plan on having a lot of girl time this summer. Either way, a double float, which is just a float that attaches two people together, is a perfect solution to not allow you to lose a friend at sea. In addition, these floats allow you to relax with another person in your company and force you to have a great conversation.

Island Floats

If you’re looking for a good way to gather all of your family and friends together in the water this summer, consider getting a big island float. These are typically suited for bigger groups of people and some can even hold up to 1,000 pounds.

Animal-Shaped Floats

The hottest trend in pool floats as of recently has been animal-shaped ones. Not only are they super fun but they match each person’s personality as well. Children can opt for a cute unicorn or shark-shaped float while adults can also enjoy a fun flamingo or even swan-shaped float.


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