Traveling Around the World with Wedding Recipes

Wedding planning is an exhilarating whirlwind of decisions, where food choice plays a pivotal role. Here’s how different countries celebrate their unions with traditional foods.


Bem Casado – Brazil

The ‘Bem Casado’ is a little cake filled with dulce de leche, symbolizing union in Brazilian weddings. The tradition says that to ensure a happy union, the bride and groom must give each guest a ‘Bem Casado’ as a wedding gift at the end of the party. This dish is shared with each guest as a token of gratitude and good fortune.

Ingredients for a portion of 30 bem casados:

5 eggs

1 cup of wheat flour

2 cups of sugar

½ cup of cornstarch

½  tsp of baking powder

Butter (for greasing)

400g of dulce de leche 

¼ cup of water

5 drops of vanilla essence


Whisk egg whites to soft peaks, and add a cup of sugar, wheat flour, cornstarch, and baking powder until the dough is homogeneous. Bake in greased, two 30 cm lined molds at 350°F for 15 minutes. Fill with dulce de leche and glaze with vanilla-infused sugar. Remove the dough from the mold and cut the cake into pieces of 5 cm each. Fill a slice of dough with half a tsp of dulce de leche and cover with another slice. Mix 1 cup of sugar, water, and vanilla essence for the cake top until you get a homogeneous syrup, and cover each “bem casado” with one tablespoon. Let it dry for 30 minutes.

Recipe courtesy of Barbara Mendes


Hochzeitssuppe – Germany

Hochzeitssuppe,’ or Wedding Soup, is a heartwarming German tradition that symbolizes the first meal shared by a married couple. This nourishing broth teemed with meatballs, vegetables, and egg dumplings, representing unity and love.


450g of ground beef

¾ cup of mixed vegetables (asparagus, carrots, cauliflower)

½ cup soup noodles

3 egg dumplings

Salt, to taste

3 cups of water

3 cups of beef stock


Form meatballs from ground beef and cook them in simmering water and beef stock for 10 minutes. Add all the vegetables and salt and simmer for 20 minutes. Cook the noodles separately. After fully cooking, add the soup and the egg dumplings, and your soup will be ready!

Recipe courtesy of German Foods 


Jollof Rice – Nigeria

The Jollof Rice celebrates West African spirit and unity. Served in special celebrations to connect with their heritage and demonstrate national pride and unity, the spicy rice dish, simmered in a rich tomato sauce with vegetables and optional proteins, is a staple at Nigerian weddings and the coming together of families and cultures.


2 cups parboiled rice

4 Tomatoes, chopped

1 Red bell pepper, chopped

1 Onion, chopped

2 cloves garlic, minced

1 tsp thyme

1 tsp curry powder

Salt, to taste

Vegetable oil

Chicken stock (optional)


Rinse rice under cold water and set aside. Blend the tomatoes and bell paper until it forms a smooth paste. Heat oil in a pot and saute onions. Add garlic, thyme, curry powder, and salt to the onions and ensure they are stirred well. Pour the tomato pepper and fry until it reduces into a thick sauce, and add the rinsed rice to the pot along with chicken (optional). Cover and simmer on low heat until the liquid evaporates and the rice is fully cooked.

Courtesy of Immaculate Ruémo 


Banh Xu Xe – Vietnam 

Banh Xu Xe is a traditional Vietnamese wedding dish meaning “Husband and Wife Cake.” It is a tender testament to love’s enduring bond. These chewy, mung bean-filled cakes are a staple at Vietnamese weddings, symbolizing marriage’s sweet, sticky nature.


200g tapioca starch

50g sugar

360ml water

Turmeric & matcha powder (for color)

15 ml cooking oil

¼ tsp salt

½ tsp vanilla

70g roasted sesame

150g peeled mung bean

100g sugar (for filling)

70g grated coconut


Prepare the cake filling. Soak 150g mung beans for at least 3 hours, and cook for 30 minutes. Mix 70g grated coconut, 100g sugar, ½ tsp vanilla until dissolved. For the crust, get two medium bowls. In each one, mix 100g tapioca starch, 25g sugar, 180ml water, salt, vanilla, and 1 tsp turmeric powder to achieve a yellow color or organic matcha to achieve a green color. Cook mixture until dough is thick. To mold, put the crust on a tray coated with a layer of cooling oil and divide the dough into small balls. Spread the dough into flat round pieces and place the filling in the center to roll the ball. Put the cake in the steamer and steam for 15-20 minutes on medium heat. Remove and let cool.

Recipe courtesy of UniMall


Each country has its own wedding traditions and special foods. These dishes, steeped in tradition and love, showcase the world’s rich cultural heritage around the globe. 


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