​​Travel The World With These Local Hidden Food Spots

Shave Ice different flavors, North Shore, Oahu

Are you looking to try new food from different cultures? From ice cream to coffee to pho, these local small businesses will help you explore Central Florida and give you the next best hangout spot! 

Blackbird Comics & Coffeehouse

With a drink and sandwich menu, comic books, records, and board games that you can rent and play with friends, Blackbird Comics will be your next hangout spot! This local mom-and-pop is one of the coziest hangout spots in Central Florida, so grab a coffee and play some Catan! Support this mom-and-pop and indulge in paninis and their signature latte with sriracha and chocolate! Who needs a New York coffeehouse?  

Twenty-Pho Hour

Visit America’s first 2D noodle bar! Enjoy a great ambiance that is photo-worthy, and also get some fantastic food to match. With great appetizers and their iconic pho bowls, you’ll have some of the best comfort food. While they aren’t operating 24 hours a day, they’re open until 3 a.m. on Thursday – Saturday! 

Samapaguita Ice Cream

Currently under a soft opening, this ice cream shop specializes in flavors from the Philippines. Try halo-halo or an ice cream tray ranging from flavors of ube to soy sauce butterscotch to pineapple cake! 


Specializing in Taiyaki waffles and soft serve, this spot has the best snack options! With rotating soft-serve flavors ranging from ube to rose to honey, you’ll want to come back every week to try the next flavor! Since their Taiyaki waffles can be sweet or savory, you can have a kimchi melt waffle for lunch and a custard cream waffle for dessert!

Hanalei Shave Ice

Want an authentic taste of Hawaii? You may miss it, as Hanalei Shave Ice is in the backyard of the House of Lang! You’ll have to head to her Instagram at @hanaleishaveice to see her hours, but you’ll want to go! With all-natural ingredients, Hanalei features various flavors of Shave ice like lychee lilikoi and fresh strawberry!  

El Burro Loco

While El Burro Loco used to be a food truck, this location now has a restaurant. Located right off I-Drive, you’ll get some of the best Birria tacos you’ve ever had, with options like Birria quesadillas and crunchy Birria rollers!

Chicken Fire

Get some Nashville-style chicken right in Orlando! At Chicken Fire, you’ll get giant tenders ranging from soulful to straight LAVA. They know they’re hot stuff with their heat challenge, and this soul food may have your soul leaving you if you get too much spice! Order what you can handle because they are very generous with their servings, and you’ll want to eat it all!


With eight different scratch-made sauce options, this spot has a variety of ways to indulge in Korean fried chicken! Their gochujang comes regular, sweet, or hot and is the perfect accent to a crispy wing or tender! Don’t miss out on their kimchi fries, Bimbi bowls, and vegan and vegetarian options! 

These small business food spots will introduce you to all new foods and cultures. You’ll feel as if you have traveled the world without leaving Florida!


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