It’s Mammo Day: This One’s for the Girls!

The day is here – mammo day. Do I have a million things to do this morning? Yes. Have I put this off for over a year? Yes. Do I want to cancel? Yes. Can I come up with a million excuses to cancel? Yes, but this one is for the GIRLS! This is for my daughter, my Goddaughters, my girlfriends, my soul sisters – this is for everyone else! It’s time to LEAD BY EXAMPLE and stop making excuses. I can take an hour out of my day and take another step toward taking BACK MY HEALTH!

So, for those of you who are first timers at this, it truly is a piece of cake! I have been having annual mammograms since I was 45, so at 51, I consider myself a pro, or at least I used to be. I did not ever let a year go by without my springtime mammo. Why, you ask, did I start at 45?

Well, I had some enlarged glands that my amazing doctor at the AdventHealth Altamonte medical facility wanted to have checked out. So at 45, and a mother of three, I headed straight to the imaging center to make that appointment – and all was fine!

I will focus more on what happens when you do get a scare in the weeks to come; however, right now, I am getting ready to walk in and get my mammo. Then, I’m treating myself to a mani when I’m done!


1. Shave your legs.
2. Wear deodorant.
3. Worry about what your mammographer thinks. They are AWESOME, highly trained individuals who want a CLEAN film, so not wearing body lotions, deodorant or perfumes makes them very happy!
4. Be embarrassed. If you are diligent in your annual pap smears, a mammo is literally a piece of cake!

So….here I go!


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