Fall in Love with Our 2023 Cutest Pet Contest Winners

You voted, and now the much-anticipated moment is here! It’s time to meet the winners of our 2023 Cutest Pet Contest. Ready to fall in love?

1st Place: Pete

Smiling dog Pete in a baby swing.

Parent’s Names: Mallory & Harper 

Home Community: Winter Park 

Age: 5

Breed: Pomeranian 

  1. Tell us how Pete became a part of your family. 

We were looking to surprise our son with a puppy for Christmas one year. A lady I work with (thanks, Alesa!) said she had two Pomeranian puppies needing a loving home. As soon as we saw a picture of Pete, we knew he was the one. The other puppy we did not choose went to my mom as a surprise, and now the brothers still get to play and spend time together. 

  1. How has Pete changed your life for the better?

Pete is the sweetest, most considerate dog I have ever known. He rarely barks, except at the mailman (cliché, I know), and he gets along with the cats. Pete loves to cuddle and go on walks; he is just a dream to be around. Pete is such a good guy; he is everyone’s best friend. 

  1. Does Pete have any unique habits or quirks? 

When Pete is not lying on the couch looking out the window, you can find him protecting the backyard from squirrels. He loves car rides and long walks around the neighborhood. Pete loves getting new toys to chew up. Pete likes to unwind from a busy day with deep stretching exercises and has perfected the downward dog. 

  1. If Pete could talk, what do you think he would say?

Pete is a gentleman and a scholar, so if he could talk, he would probably be discussing profound philosophical ideas and pondering abstract concepts. He would also be asking for a bite of whatever you are eating.

  1. Is there anything Pete doesn’t like or is afraid of?

Pete is not a fan of the squirrel community.

  1. What advice would you give to others considering getting a pet like yours?

I can’t speak for all Pomeranians, but Pete is low-maintenance and a good family pet. Although small in stature, he has big dog energy. Pete is intelligent, loyal and loving. He is also a clever escape artist and will get in cars with strangers. If you are considering getting a pet like Pete, do it—the best decision of your life. 

2nd Place: Silver

Silver sitting on the wood floor.

Parent’s Names: Andrew and Joan

Home Community: Downtown Orlando

Age: 10

Breed: American short hair mixed with domestic short hair

  1. Tell us how Silver became a part of your family. 

We found him in our apartment complex, strolling around. We offered him cat food and kept him. 

  1. How has Silver changed your life for the better?

He’s so sweet and snuggly and brings lots of happiness to our life. 

  1. Does Silver have any unique habits or quirks? 

He loves going on top of a fresh load of laundry after removing it from the dryer. He also gets a little wild at night, running into random things. It’s so fun to watch.

  1. If Silver could talk, what do you think he would say?

More wet food, please.

  1. Is there anything Silver doesn’t like or is afraid of?

He does not like loud noises or children running straight at him. 

  1. What advice would you give to others considering getting a pet like yours?

They are great, chill animals who love once-daily petting. 

3rd Place: Dozer

Dozer sitting in a chair at a table.

Parent’s Names: Jordan & Shannon Anderson

Home Community: Deltona

Age: 4

Breed: Rescue – Great Dane Mix

  1. Tell us how Dozer became part of your family:

We volunteered as dog walkers at an animal rescue league, and our hearts were ready to find the perfect fit for our dog, Kona. Along came Hamburglar, an approximate six-month-old stray without a microchip and no one to claim him. His cute personality and cat-like reflexes became the perfect fit for the Anderson pack. His ability to trip on his own legs and run into solid objects earned him the name Dozer Doofus.
Dozer graduated from obedience school and discovered his favorite place, doggy daycare. Just ask him, “Do you want to see your friends?” he will be in the Dog Runner faster than Scooby Doo can jump in Shaggy’s arms. 

  1. How has Dozer changed your life for the better?

Dozer is full of love. His playful nature and goofy personality make those who meet him smile. Dozer has a social media presence on Instagram @dozer_doofus with a mission to spread love and make you smile!

  1. Does Dozer have any unique habits or quirks? 

Dozer has a blanket he molds into a ball shape, shoves it in his mouth, and sucks on it while kneading his paws into it with adorable big puppy eyes and alternating eyebrows. It’s a frequent part of his bedtime regimen.

  1. If Dozer could talk, what do you think he would say?

Let’s go for a walk, then cuddle, watch a movie, and eat cookies and ice cream!!!

  1. Is there anything your pet doesn’t like or is afraid of?

Raw chicken liver is repulsive to Dozer, and his flatulence terrifies him because he has no idea where it comes from. Dozer is also terrified of thunderstorms.

  1. What advice would you give others considering getting a pet like yours?

Large rescue dogs need a big heart to receive the amount of love they must give, time to be shown what fun it is to be part of your pack, a space to call home, and currency for proper care.


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