Channeling Your Inner Icon Made Easy This Halloween

Queen Charlotte Halloween costume.

The highly anticipated Halloween holiday is steadily approaching. Scouring endless Pinterest boards, raiding every closet in your house and asking your friends to borrow anything to create the perfect costume is normal. 

Halloween is all about channeling your confident alter ego and taking advantage of the occasion to leave everyday life behind for just a night. Why not use the extravagant day to dress as some of this year’s most beloved pop culture figures?


Coming out shortly after the last spooky season, this hit Netflix original brought us back to one of our creepiest and most loved characters from The Addams Family, Wednesday Addams.

Bring out all the black you can: shoes, knee-high socks, skirt or dress. Tuck a white collared shirt underneath, put your hair in braids, try your best not to smile and you are ready for Wednesday!  


Bring on the pink and welcome yourself into Barbie Land this Halloween. From dressing up in “Barbiecore” at the theaters for the highly anticipated film, there is no doubt about seeing some of the iconic looks recreated on the sidewalks during Trick or Treating. 

Grab your favorite pink dress and heels and accessorize with fabulous gold-tone jewelry.

Eras Tour

Taylor Swift took the world (and Ticketmaster) by storm when she announced her legendary Eras Tour featuring music from each of her albums. For Swifties, this brought them a night of dancing along to songs they’ve cherished for decades and an opportunity to turn the concert into a runway. 

You can choose your favorite era as a Halloween costume, but why not be “bejeweled” like Swift? Pick from your sparkliest outfit, grab your knee-high boots and some red lipstick, and “make the whole place shimmer.” Just like that, you’ve created the perfect Taylor Swift costume!


Find your fedora, and step out in the bombest costume of the year (pun intended). Oppenheimer brings in styles that most people already have in their wardrobe as a more understated but still iconic look. 

For this look, you’ll need a white button-up shirt, trousers, a tie, and of course, a fedora. Suspenders are optional. 

Queen Charlotte

Queen Charlotte is another story from the Bridgerton pipeline that brings us glamorous looks that will make us feel like a queen this October 31st. 

Dust off your poofiest prom dress, grab a tiara and hit the streets to collect some candy! 

Ted Lasso

Earlier this year, we said goodbye to Ted Lasso, one of the most heartwarming faces to grace our screens. A costume reference for this Halloween would only be proper. 

Grab your best tracksuit, aviator sunglasses, visor hat and a whistle, and prepare to lead Richmond to winning the premiership. 

Follow our tough and teddy bear-like leader, Roy Kent’s style, for a simpler yet iconic look. A black tee shirt, leather jacket and black jeans or slacks are required.

Since half the fun on Halloween comes from the costumes, pulling an outfit together yourself only adds to the experience. These are just a few suggestions to draw inspiration from for the upcoming holiday, so step out in something you feel confident, comfortable, and most of all, radiant in. 


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Written by Melissa Donovan

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