Disney Pride: How Disney Springs is Celebrating Pride Month

Joffery’s Coffee & Tea Company: Rainbow Donut

We all know Disney is a place of magic and wonder, but it’s becoming a place of love too. This June, Disney Springs went all in for Pride Month with plenty of decorations, signs, logos, merchandise, food, interactions, and more. 

Pride Decorations across the Park

No matter which garage or lot you use to enter the park, you’ll find little signs everywhere you look that read “SHARE YOUR PRIDE at Disney Springs,” with a rainbow-colored outline of Mickey Mouse’s head. They’re conveniently located on many lamp posts to be seen in the daytime or at night. 

Furthermore, a sign next to Once Upon A Toy with “LOVE” text and a rainbow-colored outline of Mickey Mouse is an attention-grabbing message of inclusivity among those entering Disney Springs. 

Lastly, entering any of World of Disney’s three entrances leads you into a store full of Disney magic any day of the year. However, add a beautiful array of rainbow-colored lights grazing the ceiling, and you have a prideful display of love and acceptance for all to admire. 

Pride Stores and Merchandise

Outside of the decorations throughout the park, many stores stuck to the Pride Month theme with interior decorations, clothes, and more. With the World of Disney in mind, its selection of Pride Month and year-round merchandise is arguably the best of the entire park. With rainbow-colored attire for Disney, Star Wars, and Marvel fans, there’s something for everyone at the World of Disney. Also, you can find Pride-themed Marvel clothes and discounts at the Marvel Store next to the Candy Cauldron. 

With many stores offering unique products during June, the M&M store is in a league of its own with how much they played into this celebration. An already colorful store dialed it up a notch with multiple stands reading “LOVE” in rainbow colors and too much Pride Month merchandise to keep track of. Sweaters, pillows, tees, pajamas, mugs, pencil cases, and hoodies comprised about half of the Pride Month merchandise available in the M&M’s store. 

Pride Food and Drinks

The Coca-Cola store is home to a surplus of beautifully decorated beverages, but one of the most unique is its Simply Rainbow drink, available through June 30. This delicious color explosion consists of Simply Orange orange juice, Blue Raspberry Frozen Fanta, and grenadine topped with six gummy bears. For $13, the Simply Rainbow’s three layers of tasteful color are surprisingly refreshing and will help cool you off in the Florida heat.

Furthermore, Joffery’s Coffee & Tea Company in The Landings is selling a beautiful rainbow donut and coffee topped off with ripple art reading “Happy Pride Month.” Lastly, the most crucial pairing at Joffrey’s is its delicious food with the customer service sparing no expense to make your visit an experience. 

Plenty of other foods were in honor of Pride Month around the park. For example, colorful Pride roulade with green apple mousse and buttercream stands out in Amorette’s Patisserie. Splitsville Luxury Lanes sells a multi-layered, multi-colored Pride Cake with delicious creme between each layer. Lastly, Paddlefish sells Kendra’s Loud and Proud pineapple, grenadine, and gin-infused cocktail throughout June served with cherry, orange, lemon, blackberry, and a mint sprig. 

More Information

If you’re visiting Disney Springs for Pride Month specialties, ensure you do so before June 30, as most foods and decorations will be removed by then.

For more information about Pride Month eats, visit https://disneyparks.disney.go.com/blog/2023/05/disney-eats-foodie-guide-to-pride-month-2023/

For more information about local news and events, visit https://www.centralfloridalifestyle.com/


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