Central Florida Lifestyle’s ® Cutest Pet Contest Winners

You voted for this year’s most adorable pets. Now, it’s time to get to know the winners of Lifestyle’s Cutest Pet Contest! Thank you to our sponsor: Promenade at Sunset Walk.

Lifestyle’s ® Cutest Pet Contest 1st Place Winner: Luca

1. Luca’s Parents Names: 

Kattia Ritchey

2. Home Community: 

Downtown Orlando

3. How old is Luca? 


4. What breed is Luca? 


5. What is your favorite story to tell about Luca? 

One time I left my closet door open and he took every single shoe and hid them under the bed. He loves my shoes LOL.

6. Tell us how Luca became part of your family. 

Luca is my Christmas present from my son and his girlfriend. They spent more than six months looking for a doggy, and they found Luca in Kansas City.

7. What is Luca’s favorite thing to do?

Running in the backyard. I work from home and he patiently waits for my breaks to go running outside and play in the grass. Also, he loves to go for a ride and grocery shopping with me and give kisses to everybody. We love Luca!

Lifestyle’s ® Cutest Pet Contest 2nd Place Winner: Jolie

1. Jolie’s Parents Names: 

I am Jolie’s Mama and my name is Christina Disla 

2. Home Community: 

We live in Celebration, Florida. Jolie has been a Celebration resident her entire life! 

3. How old is Jolie? 

15 and a half! (My sweet old girl) 

4. What breed is Jolie? 

Miniature Poodle 

5. What is your favorite story to tell about Jolie? 

When Jolie turned 15 years old last summer, we had a special Quinceañera celebration for her. She had a custom made dress and photo shoot! Our submission photo is from her celebration. We also had a full-blown birthday party complete with a special doggy themed playlist for music, coloring pages for the kids of poodles that look like Jolie, food, cake and fun! She deserves to be celebrated for a long, full life and all the love that she has given in return along the way. 

6. Tell us how Jolie became part of your family. 

Very shortly after I moved to Florida, I visited a local pet store in Celebration. Jolie was in the window and it was love at first sight. The store is not longer there but Jolie has been a beloved family member ever since! She has been the best companion all these years. 

7. What is Jolie’s favorite thing to do?

Sleep, snore, fart, and eat chicken chips!

Lifestyle’s ® Cutest Pet Contest 3rd Place Winner: Diego

1. Parents Names:

Christina Disla is Diego’s Mama 

2. Home Community: 

Celebration, Florida 

3. How old is Diego?


4. What breed is Diego?

Miniature Poodle 

5. What is your favorite story to tell about Diego?

Diego is an adventurer and loves to go on road trips and explore! We have a map of the country and we color off the States he has visited as we go along. So far he has just visited 3 States but we hope to add many more to our list over the years to come! Diego has a social media presence on Tik Tok and Instagram @diegoembarks and he is known for his signature bow ties! He has quite the collection and for all sorts of occasions! 

6. Tell us how Diego became part of your family.

We lost my 13-year-old boy to cancer in 2020. Two months later Diego came home with me and really saved my heart from a great deal of grief! Diego came from North Carolina and my best friend and I drove all the way to Monroe, NC and back to Florida in one day to get him! It was a day we will never forget! 

7. What is Diego’s favorite thing to do?

Diego loves to visit all his friends at the dog park in our local community! Many of the dogs in his playgroup are around the same age and they have truly grown up together. It is so special to see the joy when they all play and run together!


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