Wedding Traditions Are Being Thrown Over the Shoulder

When wedding planning, some may want to stick to their roots, but others may want to do something a little out of the norm.

Father’s walking their daughters down the aisle, throwing rice at the couple as they walk out of the chapel, and wearing something blue are all wedding traditions most have clung to for generations. 

As time has passed and couples are more apt to make their day about things they care about, the mold of “what should be expected” at weddings has been broken little by little. Newlyweds have taken to social media to show untraditional things they did at their wedding that could be appealing to others in the future.

Matching color palettes instead of matching bridesmaid dresses

From the cost of the bachelorette party to the hair, makeup, and dress, it is no secret that being a bridesmaid is expensive. Traditionally, these dresses are all uniform, picked by the bride, and too formal or tailored to the wedding to be worn again. 

While the romantic comedy 27 Dresses pokes fun at bridesmaid’s dresses collecting dust in the closets of many with the repeated line, “Aren’t these dresses great? And the best thing is you can shorten it and wear it again!” The majority of these pieces never get put on twice. 

To combat the issue, recent brides have given their bridesmaids a color palette, potentially a dress length, and the freedom to choose a dress they love within a reasonable price range. Some have had their party dress in various patterns, fabrics, or designs. The main takeaway brides have from doing this is that they find their group loves the ability to wear something that feels like “them” and will get a second, third, fourth, or even 100th wear. 

Private vows 

Public speaking is not for everyone, and the thought of proclaiming your deep feelings and love for someone in front of every person you know may be petrifying. For those couples who would like an alternative, private vows could be for you.

The private vow exchange can occur before the ceremony, allowing the pair to go to a secluded spot to face each other and share the promises they intend to make for the rest of their lives. 

Couples who are a tad more superstitious and do not want to see their partner until the altar can choose to exchange vows standing back-to-back to avoid sneak peeks. 

Having disposable cameras at every table for guests to document the night

While some prefer having a photographer to ensure they receive the shots of the wedding they would like, others have opted for another way to capture some behind-the-scenes and unfiltered moments.

Disposable cameras have made their resurgence with younger generations. The idea of taking photos and not being able to see what they look like for a while is mind-boggling to younger people who have grown up in the digital age. 

Some have voiced on platforms like TikTok how much they like an idea like this because it got their loved ones involved in the night and has some genuine moments a professional may not have noticed available forever to look back on. 

Times are changing, and there is no doubt this new generation of weddings will be different than before. Traditions are traditions, but weddings should be the way you want them to be. 


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Written by Melissa Donovan

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