Stephanie Bowman: Driving Transformation with a Compassionate Heart

Stephanie Bowman is a resource for supporting women and children through One Heart.

Recognizing her God-given call and responding with massive impact through One Heart for Women and Children over the past 15 years, Stephanie Bowman has become a household name in Central Florida. 

In the age of influencers, Stephanie rises as a modern-day game changer whose life history consists of deep adversities she has courageously overcome. From homelessness to addictions, toxic decisions, rehabilitation, purpose awakening, and the long road to healing, she stands before us today as a community leader without pretense. 

Stephanie is a respected woman of change whose nonprofit organization (One Heart for Women and Children) serves an average of 20,000 individuals by providing basic human needs such as high-quality food and life-coping skills. The nonprofit establishes a hub that signals you to come as you are because One Heart meets you where you are. And with a team of 200 volunteers on a monthly average, One Heart places no judgment on the clients who show up for assistance. 

The organization assists displaced families, individuals going through setbacks, and individuals who are in-between jobs and are from all walks of life. The core mission is to have every person who makes their way to One Heart feel seen, valued, and heard. 

Stephanie has won several highly coveted awards, including the GODIVA award for her kind acts. She appeared on the cover of two award-winning international lifestyle magazines, has a Time Magazine feature, and made an appearance on the Kelly Clarkson show. As a coach, Stephanie expanded beyond individual clients to coaching groups of women voluntarily who are currently in transition homes and shelters. She encourages them to think outside their current challenges to find ways to drive solutions and show compassion for each other. 

The recipients of assistance from One Heart step in to be part of the heartbeat of the institution and volunteer as their give back. The absence of a quid pro quo culture has become the foundations and pillars of its pride and a very telling story of what happens when an individual feels seen, heard, understood, and cared for authentically. 

So, what next? One Heart just kicked off the first-ever $1 million capital funding campaign that will help position One Heart into its much-needed and long overdue growth space in location, operations, staffing, and operations. 

The organization is always looking for people to be a part of this legacy. For more information or to become a volunteer or donor, follow One Heart on all its social media handlings and website.

Facebook: One Heart for Women and Children

Instagram: OneHeartMatters



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