1st Annual Cutest Toddler Contest

1st Place: Emilia

Proud parents: John and Karen

Community: Sanford

What are some of Emilia’s favorite things? She loves strawberries, dogs and going on walks.

What is Emilia’s most precious moment? She wakes up every morning asking and looking for her big sister, Gabriela. 

What is your favorite Halloween memory with Emilia? Last year was her first trick-or-treat adventure with her sister and cousins, Sofia and Mateo. She was excited to see all the treats and thrilled to be able to open lollipops on her own.

2nd Place: Annabelle

Proud parents: Amanda and Corey

Community: Maitland

What are some of Annabelle’s favorite things? Stuffed animals, swimming, superheroes, playing with her brother, and eating guacamole, black beans and rice.

What is Annabelle’s most precious moment? Each day with Annabelle contains precious moments. She is a vibrant, whimsical, determined little girl. A continuous moment that wraps these defining qualities into one is when she proclaims, “I want to fly!” after bath time each night. We wrap her up in a towel, she puts both arms out to the side and makes airplane noises while we “fly” into her room and land on her bed.      

What is your favorite Halloween memory with Annabelle? Our family went trick-or-treating last year and approached a home with a large, inflatable spider in the front yard. As her older brother, Lukas, refused to go any further, Annabelle fearlessly braved the dangerous situation and retrieved candy for both herself and her brother.

3rd Place: James

Proud Parents: Nichole and Vince

Community: College Park

What are some of James’s favorite things? James loves his dog Tori, going to the beach and helping mommy and daddy in the garden.

What is James’s most precious moment? His first steps because he was so proud of himself.

What is your favorite Halloween memory with James? Trick-or-treating around our neighborhood.

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