Safest Hiking Trails in the US: Florida Tops the List

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New research has unveiled the states boasting the safest hiking trails, ideal for beginners and novice hikers. This study meticulously analyzed the total number of hiking trails in each state and determined the percentage classified as level five difficulty— the most challenging. While Montana emerged as the state with the most perilous trails, Florida, Louisiana, and Delaware offer the safest hiking experiences for those just starting out.

Understanding Hiking Trail Difficulty Levels

Hiking trails are rated based on three primary factors: effort, technical skill, and risk involved. The ratings range from one (easy) to five (difficult). Trails rated as level five demand extreme physical exertion, high technical skills, and carry significant risk of injury or death. These trails are typically characterized by steep inclines, high altitudes, and challenging terrains requiring specialized equipment and expertise.

Florida: A Haven for Beginner Hikers

Florida is home to 2,464 trails, but only one of these is classified as level five. This translates to an astonishingly low percentage of 0.04% of trails being considered difficult. The majority of Florida’s trails are accessible, featuring even terrain, shorter distances, and clear paths, making it an excellent destination for beginner hikers.

Top Five States with the Safest Hiking Trails for Beginners

1. Florida

  • Total Number of Trails: 2,464
  • Number of Difficult Trails: 1
  • Proportion of Difficult Trails: 0.04%

2. Louisiana

  • Total Number of Trails: 263
  • Number of Difficult Trails: 1
  • Proportion of Difficult Trails: 0.38%

3. Delaware

  • Total Number of Trails: 214
  • Number of Difficult Trails: 1
  • Proportion of Difficult Trails: 0.47%

4. Wisconsin

  • Total Number of Trails: 1,436
  • Number of Difficult Trails: 11
  • Proportion of Difficult Trails: 0.77%

5. Illinois

  • Total Number of Trails: 1,601
  • Number of Difficult Trails: 13
  • Proportion of Difficult Trails: 0.81%

States with the Most Dangerous Hiking Trails for Beginners

While Florida, Louisiana, and Delaware are the safest, some states pose significant risks for novice hikers due to their high proportion of level five trails.

1. Montana

  • Total Number of Trails: 1,505
  • Number of Difficult Trails: 540
  • Proportion of Difficult Trails: 35.88%

2. Idaho

  • Total Number of Trails: 1,437
  • Number of Difficult Trails: 446
  • Proportion of Difficult Trails: 31.04%

3. Alaska

  • Total Number of Trails: 870
  • Number of Difficult Trails: 269
  • Proportion of Difficult Trails: 30.92%

4. New Hampshire

  • Total Number of Trails: 2,047
  • Number of Difficult Trails: 624
  • Proportion of Difficult Trails: 30.48%

5. Utah

  • Total Number of Trails: 3,192
  • Number of Difficult Trails: 950
  • Proportion of Difficult Trails: 29.76%

Expert Tips for Hiking Safety

Michael DeMayo, a personal injury lawyer from DeMayo Law Group, emphasizes the importance of adhering to key safety rules while hiking. Whether you’re an experienced hiker or a beginner, these guidelines can help ensure a safe and enjoyable hiking experience.

1. Inform Someone About Your Plans Always let someone know where you’re going, the trail you’ll be taking, and your expected return time. This information is crucial in case you get lost or injured, allowing others to alert search and rescue teams promptly.

2. Stay Attentive Throughout the Hike Accidents often occur in the final stages of a hike when the terrain levels out and hikers become less vigilant. Maintain your focus from start to finish to avoid unnecessary mishaps.

3. Be Overprepared Carry a first aid kit, more than enough food and water, and both digital and physical maps of the trail. It’s better to have extra supplies and not need them than to need them and not have them.

Florida, Louisiana, and Delaware stand out as the top states with the safest hiking trails, making them perfect for beginner hikers. With minimal difficult trails, these states offer accessible and enjoyable hiking experiences. Conversely, states like Montana and Idaho require heightened caution due to their high percentages of challenging trails.

For those looking to embark on a hiking adventure, adhering to safety guidelines and choosing trails suitable for your experience level is paramount. Happy hiking!


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