4 Ways to Live the Florida Lifestyle

Florida weather is often unpredictable. It changes day by day and, sometimes, moment by moment.

Retractable outdoor products help with navigating that unpredictability, allowing you to enjoy outdoor living while providing flexibility for ever-changing weather. Hurricane Irma’s visit to Florida last year proved that the ability to roll up your screens and awnings before the storm kept them safe and ready to use once it had passed. In addition, these products keep insects out and block the sun’s rays, so you can spend time on your lanai or in your backyard without any deterrent. Plus, they’re super cool!

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So what are your options?

  • Motorized Retractable Screens for Shade and Privacy: Keep your patio screened in whenever you want. Then, with the click of a remote, roll the screens away until they are needed once again. The screen mesh comes in a variety of colors and ventilation options, so you can have a maximum cross breeze or up to 100 percent blockage for shade and privacy. They can be installed on the inside or outside of your home as well as on your pool cage for ultimate flexibility. If you’re building or rebuilding a screen enclosure, they can even be integrated into the design of the enclosure.
  • Motorized Retractable Vinyl Panels: These clear, vinyl window panels can completely close in your outdoor area, providing protection from the elements without obstructing your views. The vinyl panels can also be installed as a solid color to block the sun and outdoor elements as well as to offer privacy and security.
  • Motorized Retractable Awnings: Both practical and beautiful, they are available in hundreds of colors and provide shade on demand. Retractable awnings provide much-needed protection from the sun and make a big difference when you want to be outside with family and friends.
  • Motorized Retractable Shutters: This is the perfect way to add another layer of security to your home. Retractable shutters can be installed on windows, patios, gazebos and outdoor kitchens to protect them from the elements and keep them locked up tight when not in use.

Motorized retractable outdoor products can even be integrated into your home automation system and controlled with an app on your smart phone. They provide the ultimate in flexibility, function and convenience.

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