Where to Find Motorized Screens with the Click of a Button

New Horizons – Go Retractable! offers a guide to finding the right motorized screens, for privacy, sun protection and insect control that match your lifestyle and the style of your home.

So you’ve decided on a retractable screen for your home. What’s next?

There is a lot to consider when choosing the right fit for your home. The experts at New Horizons – Go Retractable will review your options within your outdoor space to help you make the right decision.

“Patio screening has undergone vast improvements over the years,” says Owner Chuck LaPeters. “There’s more to choosing a screen than just picking one that encloses the opening. Now there are convenient, durable and attractive patio screens that retract when you’re not using them.”

Here are just a few things you will review during a consultation with LaPeters and his team.

1. Determine its use. Do you simply want to keep the bugs out or do you also want extra shade or complete privacy? Depending on your answer, certain types of screen mesh will be a better fit. Most screens protect from insects and offer some degree of shade; however, retractable insect screens are ideal for keeping bugs out while allowing you to enjoy the view and maximum ventilation. On the other hand, sun-blocking screens are darker, keeping your patio cool and shaded, but they will offer less of a breeze.

2. Choose aesthetic options that match your space. While a retractable screen should do its job of insect control and shade, it can also offer beauty and elegance. There are a variety of options for style and materials. Look for a retractable screen that complements the appearance of your outdoor living areas.

3. Understand the maintenance and installation. Retractable screens don’t require much maintenance, though it’s a good idea to wipe down and apply silicone spray to the side tracks every six months to keep them moving smoothly.

As the premier provider of retractable screens, awnings, shades and shutters, New Horizons’ showroom is centrally located for the Central Florida area. The No. 1 priority is working with customers to enhance their lifestyle while ensuring they are satisfied throughout the entire process and beyond.

Call today for a FREE in-home quote or consultation in the Winter Park showroom.

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