Tips for Exercising in the Summer Heat

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Many of us like to take advantage of the beautiful Sunshine State and incorporate outdoor exercise into our daily lives, but with the hotter months coming, we must adjust our routine to accommodate Florida’s heat. It’s not all bad, though, you may even get a better workout with all of that extra sweat leaving your body. Before you gear up for your next workout, check out these tips to for a successful workout in the heat.

Fuel Your Body Pre-workout

First, you want to make sure that you have eaten something sustainable before your workout. This alone can prevent you from having a workout gone wrong. It is also important to know that dehydration can happen more often when working out in the heat and it can cause you to feel lightheaded, weak, or you may even pass out altogether. Fruits and vegetables are a great pre-workout snack, because they retain water and keep you hydrated. By properly fueling your body, you’re setting yourself up for a successful workout. It may even just give you enough to reach that personal record you’ve been chasing.

Prepare for Heat, Sun and a Great Workout

It’s not only important to fuel the inside of your body, but it is also important to protect the outside of your body. For example, being underneath the summer sun for long periods of time increases your risk for sunburn – even on a cloudy day. Therefore, adding sunscreen to your routine is necessary. Additionally, consider wearing full coverage clothing and a hat to block off some of the sun’s rays. A pair of leggings and a breathable long sleeve shirt make for comfortable and protective workout attire.

If you’re someone who prefers to work outside but can’t stand the heat, then consider finding a nice shady spot in your backyard or local park. Wherever you decide to exercise, keep in mind that you will be exposing your body to the sun and by finding a spot with shade, you can find a happy medium.

And just remember, don’t push your body too far. The sun can easily tire you out. If your body starts to feel overworked, don’t be afraid to take a break for some water and get right back to it when you’re ready.


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