8 Celebrities Who Have Struggled With Infertility

When infertility issues impact on your life, it can be a deeply emotional and personal journey, that may feel as if are on your own. But, in fact you are not alone as infertility affects an estimated one in seven couples, who will often seek help from a private fertility clinic to start their family.

And problems with conceiving can affect anyone. We highlight eight celebrities who have struggled with infertility.

Courtney Cox (Monica – Friends)

Actress Courtney Cox experienced seven miscarriages due to a rare disorder, MTHFR gene mutation, before turning to IVF in her bid to become a mother. Aged 39, the Friends star and her then husband, actor David Arquette, welcomed daughter, Coco, who was successfully conceived following fertility treatment.

Emma Thompson (Actress)

Star of hit romantic comedy, Love Actually, British actress Emma and her husband, actor Greg Wise, underwent IVF to have their first child after struggling to naturally conceive. Emma was 40 when she fell pregnant with daughter Gaia and the couple have since gone on to adopt a son, a former child soldier from Rwanda called Tindy.

Celine Dion (Singer)

Canadian singing superstar Celine Dion also turned to a fertility clinic after trying to conceive with her late husband, the music producer, René Angélil. She underwent years of IVF treatment, which resulted in three boys, including twins, Eddy and Nelson.

Ola Jordan (Dancer)

Former Strictly Come Dancing professional Ola and her husband, fellow Strictly dancer James, welcomed their baby daughter Ella in February 2020, after just one cycle of IVF. The Polish-born dancer had been trying for a family for many years as well as juggling her TV career before the couple underwent fertility treatment.

Michelle Obama (Former US First Lady)

Married to the former US President, Barack Obama, Michelle, 57, has been very open about the couple’s infertility struggles, including miscarriage, before they turned to IVF. Both of their now grown-up daughters, Malia and Sasha were born as a result of fertility treatment.

Izzy Judd (Children’s author)

Wife of Harry Judd, drummer with boyband, McFly, Izzy suffers from Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) which affected the couple’s ability to conceive. Izzy initially took the drug, Clomid to help with her ovulation but the medication didn’t work so the couple underwent IVF. They are now the proud parents of five-year-old Lola and Kit, three.

Julia Bradbury (TV presenter)

Former BBC Countryfile presenter Julia started IVF treatment at the age of 44. She already had a four-year-old son with her property developer husband, Graham Cunningham. Julia had suffered from endometriosis and underwent five rounds of IVF before falling pregnant with twin girls, Xanthe and Zena in 2016.

Rhod Gilbert (Comedian)

Welsh funnyman Rhod recently released his own documentary, Stand Up to Infertility, in which he candidly discusses his own issues to raise awareness of male infertility. Rhod has motility issues with his sperm and is currently undergoing IVF with his wife, comedy writer Sian Harries have been trying for a baby for the past six years.


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