How to Support Local Businesses While Renovating Your Home

Back in January, I began to plan the renovation of my pool, deck and lanai. Somehow, I must have known that I would be spending a lot of time at home this year.

Naturally, I reached out to chamber members for the products and services that I needed for my outdoor renovation. When I didn’t have a chamber member in a particular category that I needed for my project, I recruited businesses to join the chamber. Through our membership, I was able to have the pool renovated, and redecorated with new outdoor furniture, plants, planters, area rugs and lighting, all purchased from chamber members.

Once I completed that renovation in early March, I noticed other projects that needed attention outside my house. There were more weeds than grass in my yard, so I used the chamber directory to find a landscaper. Once the new sod was in, I hired a lawn maintenance company to keep the weeds out.

The problem with home renovation is it’s hard to stop once you get started. Since my home is nearly 31 years old, I had lots of projects on the inside, too. Starting with the basics, I knew that I had to get the inside of my house painted. After all, it had been 20 years.

Once again, the painter will be a chamber member and the paint will be from a chamber member, too. I will freshen up the kitchen cabinets and replace hardware with the help of a chamber member business.

When that is done, I will have my carpets cleaned and windows washed. I’ll probably need some new home decor items around the house, too. As I am cleaning out, I will donate those unwanted items to a chamber charity for resale. I will be doing my part to keep the economy going by using local, and most importantly, chamber member businesses for my renovation needs.

These businesses not only benefit from the referrals but their investment in our chamber provides resources that even help individuals who aren’t members. In addition, consumer studies show the benefit to businesses that belong to their local chamber.

Several years back, a study was done by the Schapiro Group, an Atlanta-based strategic consulting firm. The study concluded that businesses involved with their local chamber have a 68% increase in their local reputation and there is an 80% increase in the likelihood that consumers will patronize those businesses in the future.

As you look around your home and workplace, consider using the products and services provided by West Orange chamber members. You’re not only helping them, you’re helping your community. Visit and search for them by name or category under the Business Directory tab.


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