2021 Holiday Gift Guide for Everyone on your List

As you plan to spread the love this holiday season, here are our ideas for some of the top gifts to give. 


Starting at $99, Available at getthemozy.com 

and Amazon

(Also, on Skimlinks) 

Use the Mozy to stay warm this winter while enjoying activities from walking the dog to watching the sports game! The Mozy is the ultimate cold weather blanket. Created by a thermodynamics engineer, Mozy has been tested and found to be 500% warmer than a traditional stadium blanket thanks to its innovative convective heat loss blocking design, plush, heavyweight fleece interior, and weather-proof outer shell. 

Honeydew Sleep

$99, Available at honeydewsleep.com & Amazon

(Also, on Skimlinks) 

This holiday season ensure you and your loved ones are getting the best sleep EVER with Honeydew Sleep pillows. Between side, travel, and body pillows, they have the comfiest product to rest your melon. From its customizable design to the made in America origin story, this pillow has been meticulously crafted to help you get a better night’s sleep. It even has a copper infused foam fill that has natural antibacterial properties keeping pillows fresh and cool night after night.

Holos Skincare

Ranging from $44-$57, Available at verishop.com

Holos Skincare knows exactly what you need, especially those who suffer from psoriasis year long and require added comfort and healing. Products are vegan, cruelty-free, eco-friendly, and plant-based. These three gems do the trick for all your skin care needs.

  • This is More, Get Better Butter– An award-winning buttery cream for treatment and maintenance of dry, irritated skin. Rich in organic shea and cocoa butters, generously use on dry skin areas on the face, hands, body, and feet for immediate relief.
  • This is More, Facial and Eye Hyaluronic Acid Serum– A super hydrating pure hyaluronic acid serum with aloe vera and cucumber for daily use on the face, around eyes, and on the neck. Super hydrating as it binds to water and locks it in the cells to plump and smooth out fine lines.
  • Super Natural Activity, Pre& Probiotic Spritz – Pure plant-power infused with frankincense, lavender, and sweet orange. pH balanced good bacteria to help maintain skin immunity and help fight maskne! Soothes inflammation, rosacea, and acne.

Buddha Board

$34.95, Available at buddhaboard.com and Amazon

Buddha Board is a screen-free way to have a calm moment and get to a healthy state of mindfulness. This unique product will help reset your mental state from overstimulated to calm and peaceful. The Buddha Board is a blank slate where you simply dip your brush in water and create. 

HANUKKAH’S, The Mensch on a Bench

$29.99, Available at themenschonabench.com/shop 

Hanukkah’s alternative to Elf on the Shelf! Celebrate the 8 nights of Hanukkah with The Mensch on a Bench family of products and add more Funukkah to Hanukkah. While teaching the importance of the holiday through a variety of educational and inspiring storybooks, Moshe the Mensch and his family are on a mission to encourage others to be honorable mensches and to bring fun and laughter to your family.


$19.95, Available at tripgear.com

TripTech is the product that will make your life easier this holiday season! This sleek device adheres to the back of your phone and is equipped with four different ways to stand or position it so you can watch movies hands-free on airplanes, easily follow an online recipe, navigate your GPS in the car, take a selfie, and more without fumbling or losing your grip. 

Uber Appliance Portable Mini Fridge

$60, Available at uberappliance.com & Amazon 

(Also, on Skimlinks & ShareASale)

The Uber Chill Portable Mini Fridge from Uber Appliance is great for your home, bathroom, home gym, office, mancave, garage or even on the go with the built-in handle and 12v car plug. It’s also light and portable – great for long road trips and camping! The fridge is compact yet roomy – fitting up to 6 cans. The mini fridge can be used at work to store healthy snacks & drinks, store natural makeup products, on your next camping trip, & so much more!

Small Batch

$90.99, Available at shopgarrisonbros.com

Small Batch is the classic Garrison Brothers expression and the perfect go-to for an everyday, celebrate every occasion whiskey. It’s everything rich and good about bourbon, without the bite. Each year, a brand-new vintage of this 94-proof sipper is released, perfect for collectors or those who are looking to try something new. Every day, Garrison Brothers dedicate themselves to making better bourbon than they day before, which means bourbon drinkers can expect a better bottle of Garrison Brothers each time they buy one.


Starting at $8.99, Available at eatable.com

(Also, on Skimlinks) 

This delicious treat can either be the perfect snack for your holiday festivities or a fun gift for the happy hour lovers! EATABLE is the adult popcorn that features the sophisticated notes of your favorite cocktails without the alcohol.

A Spoon Full of Hope Gift Box

$34.99, Available atASpoonFullofHope.org

Second Harvest Food Bank’s multi-product signature food line! Treat your friends and family to this wonderful holiday gift box that includes a Spoon Full of Hope apron, a 16 oz. jar of Tomato Basil Soup, a 16 oz. jar of Honey, and a classic shortbread cookie. Items can also be purchased individually online at ASpoonFullofHope.org. To seal the deal, you also have the option to include a holiday card explaining that a donation to hunger relief was made in the recipient’s honor.

Magformers Backyard Adventure Set

$74.99, Available at magformers.com

Click! Connect! Create! With Magformers Backyard Adventure 61Pc Set. Build magnetic houses and invite all your friends to the party! Create houses and build a playground! Add your favorite characters including Max, Maggie and Minibot. Where will your imagination take you!? Includes Idea Booklet. Ages: 3+

Socially Twisted Games

$25, Available at sociallytwistedgames.com

From a Florida and woman-owned small business, this is a great adult party game with new packs for kids coming out just in time for the holidays. SOCIALLY TWISTED™ is a NEW and EPIC party card game and APP. Create a twisted story using story and word cards and get competitive with your friends or family. It’s quick, funny, wacky, competitive, and guaranteed to leave everyone cracking up! Perfect for parties, holidays, and pandemics – players create and share edgy stories from a story card and six words and vote for a “Twisted Winner or Loser,” depending on how you look at it. Ages 17+.

Creatto: Northern Lights Polar Bear & Winter Pals

$9.95, Available at store.thamesandkosmos.com

Make, play, and display with Creatto, a unique series of Light-Up 3D Puzzle kits. The simple yet versatile building system consists of just two parts that can be quickly and easily pieced together to form countless 3D creations. Each Creatto kit includes a string of LED lights and language-independent assembly instructions for four different configurations. For more kits, visit thamesandkosmos.com. For ages 8+.

EXIT: The Cursed Labyrinth

$14.95, Available at store.thamesandkosmos.com

EXIT: The Game allows you to bring the excitement, intensity, and team spirit of an escape room to your living room. In each EXIT game, your team starts out locked in an imaginary room or trapped somewhere or tasked with a mystery to solve. You must solve a series of riddles and puzzles to unlock doors and objects and reveal new riddles. Each correct solution brings you to another riddle and eventually to freedom. For more sets, visit thamesandkosmos.com. For ages 10+ | Players: 1-4 | Play Time: 1-2 hours | Level of Difficulty: 2 out of 5


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