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Top Apps for New Year’s Resolution Success

Worried about being able to fulfill your New Year’s resolution this year? These 10 apps can help.

When your resolution is to exercise more…


  • Short for “simply work it,” this app helps you accomplish specific fitness goals, such as getting leaner or more fit, through a variety of plans created by its personal trainers. While you can choose from 50 video workouts at varying lengths and for any experience level, Sworkit’s personal trainers can also help you build a customized workout just for you. Even more, Sworkit works with all devices, including smart phones, tablets, Apple TV and laptop or desktop computers, so you can work out at home or on the go.
  • Available on iOS and Android devices, $79.99 a year for 12 months of unlimited workouts


  • The MyFitnessPal app not only inspires you to exercise, it tracks your progress as you make your way through a database of workouts. Nutrition-based features help you understand your eating habits with a food diary, allow you to scan barcodes for nutrition information and tracks your calories as you work toward your goals. During your journey, stay motivated with advice and a 24/7 support system from a community of like-minded individuals. MyFitnessPal can be linked with any other apps that you use to maintain your healthy lifestyle.
  • Available on iOS and Android devices, Free

When your resolution is to be more mindful of your health and well-being…


  • Studies have shown that meditation promotes relaxation by helping individuals better handle stress, have more focus and sleep better overall. The HeadSpace app simplifies the act of meditation, especially for beginners. It teaches you how to meditate in just a few minutes and also shows you how to apply mindfulness to your everyday activities. Through the app, you can browse the collection of meditations, download sessions and listen to them while online or offline.
  • Available on iOS and Android devices, Free basic version and $7.99-$12.99 subscription


  • Consider this app your “diet toolbox,” complete with the ability to scan a product bar code and view a personalized nutrition grade, discover hidden ingredients, learn about its pros and cons and find healthier alternatives. Additionally, tracking your diet and exercise through Fooducate, including both the quality and the quantity of calories consumed, keeps you updated on your progress as you work to achieve your health goals. The Fooducate community supports you with feedback, and you can share your tips and success stories to motivate others.
  • Available on iOS and Android devices, Free basic version with in-app purchases for additional features

When your resolution is to save money…


  • This app was built to analyze your spending and help you save money without having to think about it. When you connect your bank account to Digit, it monitors your current balance, upcoming bills and expected purchases so it can determine how much money you can safely save at any given time. The app then automatically moves that amount from your checking account to your Digit account when you can afford it. Through state-of-the-art security measures, including encryption, your money is stored securely in your Digit account, is FDIC insured and can be withdrawn at any time.
  • Available on iOS and Android devices, Free


  • You can manage all of your finances in one place with Mint. First, create a budget that works for you then the app offers suggestions based on your spending and sends an alert when it’s time to pay a bill so you don’t miss it. Created by the makers of TurboTax, Mint also offers free credit scores and tips for improving it. Mint works on smart phones and tablets so you can monitor your finances no matter where you are.
  • Available on iOS and Android devices, Free

When your resolution is to get organized…


  • Work smarter, not harder, with Trello, which provides a variety of boards, lists and cards to keep you organized as you prioritize projects. This app works for both personal and business needs, whether you’re preparing a presentation for work or planning a family vacation. Trello connects everyone on your team so you can collaborate throughout, adding comments, attachments, due dates and more as you go. You can also integrate apps that your team is already using into your Trello workflow so you don’t waste any time, and it syncs across all devices so you can collaborate from anywhere.
  • Available on iOS and Android devices, Free basic version and $10 business class version


  • Organize your closet virtually with the Stylebook app. You can upload real photos of your wardrobe or include store images then mix and match to put together a complete outfit from head to toe. Stylebook features also allow you to track style inspirations, visually plan what to wear according to your calendar and create a packing list for a trip right in the app. Expert advice regarding closet organization, clothing care, tailoring and more is also available through Stylebook.
  • Available on iOS and Android devices, $3.99

When your resolution is to travel more…


  • Consider this app your virtual travel agent. TripCase provides one place to manage all the details of an upcoming trip, from flights to reservation information for restaurants and activities. If any changes occur, you will be notified through the app, where you also have access to all itinerary details, e-tickets and confirmations before and during the trip. TripCase includes valuable tools and travel information so no box is left unchecked as you plan your vacation.
  • Available on iOS and Android devices, Free


  • You will never have to worry about overspending on any aspect of your vacation again. Skyscanner compares prices for flights, hotels and rental cars then alerts you when it’s the best time to book. You can book directly through the app, which links you directly to the airline or a travel agent. Skyscanner also features last-minute flight deals and daily flight deals for when you’re feeling spontaneous.
  • Available on iOS and Android devices, Free


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