5 Apps to Get You Ready for 2020

Use these apps to get organized now so you will have a productive New Year.

As 2019 comes to a close, there’s no better time to prepare for a productive and prosperous 2020. These five apps will help get all aspects of your life organized now — from work to play.

Organize Your Schedule with RescueTime

Have you ever felt like there just isn’t enough time in the day to get everything done? The problem may actually be with how you’re using the time you have. RescueTime works in the background of your computer and mobile devices to track your time as well as the apps and websites you’re accessing most. This information helps you understand where you time is going so you can adjust your habits and be more productive.

Available on iOS and Android devices, Free basic version and $6 per month premium version

Organize Your Thoughts with Calm

It’s easier to be more productive when you’re getting a good night’s sleep. This meditation, sleep and relaxation app helps users do just that through audio content that addresses stress, anxiety, insomnia and depression. Through daily 10-minute meditations as well as sleep stories (bedtime stories for adults), sleep music, meditation lessons, nature sounds and more, Calm provides an avenue to strengthen mental fitness so you can be your best each day. 

Available on iOS and Android devices, Free basic version and $59.99 annual premium subscription

Organize Your Notes with Evernote 

There’s nothing worse than jotting down an important reminder then having to flip through pages of notes later to find it or forgetting where that Post-It landed. Evernote stores your most important notes, for both business and personal needs, in addition to the attachments, web pages, voice memos and photos that accompany them. These notes are easily searchable so you can find them quickly whenever you need them. 

Available on iOS and Android devices, Free basic version and $7.99 per month premium version

Organize Your Work with Trello

Work smarter, not harder. Trello has a variety of boards, lists and cards to keep you organized as you prioritize projects. Its features also make it easy for everyone on your team to stay connected throughout, adding comments, attachments, due dates and more as you go. Other apps that your team is already using can be integrated into your Trello workflow so you don’t waste any time, and it syncs across all devices so you can collaborate from anywhere. 

Available on iOS and Android devices, Free basic version and $10 business class version

Organize Your Travel with TripCase

Consider TripCase your virtual travel agent that manages all the details of an upcoming trip, from flights to reservation information for restaurants and activities. If any changes occur, you will be notified through the app, where you also have access to all itinerary details, e-tickets and confirmations before and during the trip. TripCase includes valuable tools so no box is left unchecked as you plan your vacation. 

Available on iOS and Android devices, Free  


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