A Relationship with Your Realtor Matters

There is a story behind every person, family and home. It is invaluable for a Realtor to take the time to listen to the prospective customer’s story, as well as their motivation for selling or buying a home prior to engaging in a transaction.

People sell and buy homes for different reasons. In some cases, life-changing events occur that leave no choice but to sell a home. When a Realtor is intentional and takes a genuine interest in the story and motivation, the foundation is built for the process ahead. This also creates a level of comfort and trust for the prospective customer.

The home buying and/or selling process can be exciting, but it is also very emotional and stressful, depending on the circumstances. A Realtor is trusted to help navigate through the home selling or buying process. Taking the time to listen and establish expectations of both customer and Realtor on the front end is the key to a successful transaction. Realtors should communicate the core values of their business as well as their commitment to the customer and the process in order to build a healthy and positive foundation.

The key is consistency throughout the process. When a Realtor continues to nurture the relationship through communication and honoring the core values and commitment that were made on the front end, they will have happy customers.


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Written by Yvette Kendrick

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