10 Tips for Purchasing an Investment Property

Real estate has produced many of the world’s wealthiest people. But before you become a real estate investor, consider these tips.

1. Renting and renovating homes isn’t enjoyable for everyone. First, make sure this is something you will have fun doing so you put in your best effort.

2. Pay down your debt before investing in real estate or you risk getting yourself into a bigger problem.

3. Make sure you have the money for the down payment before making plans to invest.

4. Beware of higher interest rates and always consult more than one financial entity before you make any decisions.

5. Run the numbers. If your margins are weak from the start, you should find another property or ways to lower costs so the investment is more attractive.

6. Calculate all operating expenses to keep your margins in place then follow your schedule with precision. If you are organized and methodical, unforeseen expenses shouldn’t be a problem.

7. Unless you have past experience, don’t buy a fixer-upper your first time around. Unexpected repairs can completely eat up your gains or create a huge loss.

8. If you don’t see a return on every dollar then you should invest elsewhere with less risk.

9. Purchase a low-cost property so the expenses related to it are low as well.

10. Whether you plan to sell or rent the property, seek the advice of an expert and use the services wisely. An experienced real estate broker or agent can help before, during and after you buy.

The bottom line is to not lose focus. This is an important investment, so all of your decisions should be executed as planned.


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Written by Gonzalo Senior

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