How to Stage Your Home to Sell

A good first impression can make all the difference in the amount of time it will take for your home to sell, and it can help you achieve the best possible price. Put your home’s best face forward with the following tips.

1. Take some snapshots of your home and view them as if you are the potential new homeowner. Then make a plan to remove clutter and put away any paperwork or personal items that are distracting.
2. Give your shrubs and bushes a good haircut and remove any dead flowers or shrubs.
3. Clean any mold or mildew from gutters and the entryway, pressure wash outdoor areas if it’s affordable, and clean spider webs from windows and doors.
4. Refresh the outside of your home. Paint the front door a fresh, new color or decide if your home color is too personal. Add a pop of color with a potted plant or accessory by the entrance.
5. Take a look at the items that come up on inspection reports. Replaced air filters, clean appliances, dust wiped from ceiling fans and working lawn sprinklers are items that show the pride of a seller’s home ownership. The cleaner your home, the better.

The goal should be to make a potential buyer feel at home when they are viewing the property. While crossing these items off your list puts you ahead of the curve, an experienced Realtor can go even further without spending a lot of extra money.


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Written by Jenni Sloan

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