Steps To Protect Your Home In Florida As A First Time Buyer

If you are thinking of buying a home in Florida, you are not alone. Demand and house prices have risen by 3.9 percent in the last year for the state. Buying a home in Florida comes with some great perks like the high rate of return and potential tax benefits. However, it also comes with its own set of risks, including a heightened risk of hurricane damage. In addition to the cost of purchasing your home, homeowners need to account for other costs of home ownership. This includes the cost of protecting your home. With Florida being particularly susceptible to hurricanes and other natural disasters, first-time homeowners must take the right steps to protect their home from damage – and from the aftermath of such disasters.

Prep Your Home Ahead Of Hurricane Season

The 2020 hurricane season is estimated to run from June 1st to Nov. 30, according to the National Weather Service. One of the best ways to protect your home is to get ahead of the storm. Take measures to minimize the damage to your home early to save yourself valuable cash in the process. Recent estimates from HomeAdvisor put the cost of wind or storm damage repair between $2,311 and $14,493.

One of the ways you can do this is by installing hurricane shutters. Window shutters act as protection from debris that can fly around during storms or hurricanes. Homeowners should also secure their roofs with the help of additional roof clips to avoid roof damage during a storm. To ensure rainwater drains appropriately and reduce the chances of roof damage, schedule a clean out of your rain gutters twice a year. Plan to one just before hurricane season. Lastly, look for ways to secure your furniture, and any other items that may move, to the ground.

Adjust Your Home Insurance Policy To Include Flooding And Hurricane Coverage

The state of Florida does not mandate that homeowners have home insurance. However, home insurance comes in particularly handy in states that are prone to natural disasters such as hurricanes. Home repairs can easily cost thousands of dollars. Without insurance, the cost of repairing your home after a flood, storm or hurricane can be enormous. It’s not enough to secure any kind of home insurance; instead, check your homeowner’s insurance policy limit.

Additionally, while most home insurance policies will include hurricane coverage, many do not include flood coverage. It’s worthwhile to check the terms of your insurance to find out if you need a separate flood insurance policy. Lastly, while you are reviewing your policy terms, find out if the policy amount will cover more serious damages, such as the cost of rebuilding your home. The use of a remodeling calculator and estimates from a policy adjuster can help you estimate the costs of rebuilding a home in Florida. If you’re worried about being underpaid in the insurance claims process, an Orlando public adjuster can provide a policy review alongside a home rebuilding or repair estimate.

Map Out An Action Plan Before Hurricane Season

Finally, prepare your home and your family for the event of a hurricane or storm. Start with creating an evacuation plan. Then, make sure each family member knows their role should you need to use it. Before hurricane season begins, it’s also a good idea to have a hurricane-proof pantry, stocking it with non-perishable foods, including dried pasta, bottled water and packaged snacks. The state of Florida provides a useful list of items that help you get hurricane season ready. Also, scope out your home to identify a safe room for your family if you choose to stay home during a storm.

Implementing these small measures can ease your worries about whether your first home is protected during hurricane season. Instead, you can focus on creating lifelong memories in your new home.


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