A Pre-Listing Home Inspection: Why Not?

You’ve decided to sell your home. You’ve spent hard-earned money on repairs, upgrades, decorating and investing over the length of your ownership. You now want top dollar for it. Well, you’re in luck because it’s a seller’s market.

So why not invest in a pre-listing home inspection? Most offers are contingent upon a home inspection. There is a typically a five to 10 day inspection period that allows the buyer to consider the costs of repairs that are noted in red in the inspection report. This is also the time they can reconsider the deal. These repairs could even affect the loan approval process.

A worrisome home inspection can delay the sale of your home by weeks. It can take your home off the market while a buyer could choose to back out due to an issue on inspection. That is why you should consider having your home inspected by a certified home inspector before you list your biggest investment for sale. Doing so can help you prepare your home for buyers and avoid any red flags that could potentially cost you a significant drop in your purchase price.

A pre-listing home inspection makes you aware of what your home is hiding prior to listing it so you can plan the necessary repairs before it hits the market. This is a selling point to buyers, showing that you took pride in your home.

Selling with honesty and integrity is the way to go. This is your biggest investment. Get it ready to sell for top dollar the right way and fast.


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Written by Gina Brunello

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