DIY: Gilded Oyster Shells

We’ve all been working from home for so long now, so I thought I’d introduce you to a fun, easy DIY to add a little sparkle to your at-home office set up.

The Gilded Oyster Shell can be used as a beautiful desk tidy organizer or jewelry holder in a bathroom or closet. Its simplistic nature is quick, requires very few supplies and is fun for people of all ages! The result is an elegance provides that sweet southern hospitality feel to whichever room you choose to use it in.

What You’ll Need

– Gold Leaf
– Halved Oyster Shells
– Gilding Adhesive
– 2 paint brushes
– Jar of warm water
– Pearl color acrylic paint
– Towel

What You’ll Do

1. Start by painting your oyster with the pearl paint to give the inside of the oyster additional shine. Let this dry.

2. Take your Gilding Adhesive and paint over the surface of the shell. It’s entirely up to you how much you’d like to use. You can paint the entire shell or specific areas only. Make it yours!
Wash and dry your brush immediately following to reduce residue build up. Allow shell to dry five to 15 minutes until the color has disappeared and the surface appears tacky.

3. Take a sheet of golf leaf and lay it over the surface of the shell. Careful! The leaf will be extremely flaky and sensitive to elements. Consider doing this step in a sink.

4. With a dry brush, gently smooth the gold leaf over the shell and dab it into any creases of the shell. Use smaller flakes to cover any parts that have been missed. Repeat this process on the inner-edge of the shell to add even more gold! Let the shell dry for five more minutes before filling them with anything you desire.

Share Your Results

We’d love to see how you did with your Gilded Oyster Shell! Share below in the comments section and tell us about your experience!


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