4 Ways to Achieve the Farmhouse Feel in Your Home

double sliding Farm house doors

Homeowners looking to design a space to feel comfortable and cozy tend to lean toward the farmhouse look with its rustic features and homey accents. Through the years, farmhouse designs have changed to include more modern elements and updated color palettes, making it a timeless look that won’t go out of style.

Here are some classic elements of the farmhouse design that are easy to include in any space of your home.

Neutral Colors

When you think of the farmhouse trend, you probably think of white, which is typically the dominant shade in this type of design. Modern farmhouse designs also include accent colors in neutral shades. Think gray, navy blue or any light pastel. Gray is a popular color in homes because it represents peace and balance, and blue is considered a color that makes individuals feel relaxed. Either make for a beautiful neutral for a farmhouse kitchen or bedroom.

Shiplap Walls

While shiplap originally defined coastal-inspired decor, this design element has become popular in the farmhouse look as well. In a shiplap design, wooden boards are fit together to add texture to a space in an informal way. It is most often applied horizontally in modern designs, but it can also be installed vertically to elongate a space. The beauty of shiplap is that it can go anywhere – on one wall or all four, on the ceiling and in any room of a home.

Barn Doors

Besides shiplap, nothing screams farmhouse more than adding a barn door to a space. This door choice works in any room of a home, but don’t overdo it. Make it a statement piece in one room. For example, install a sliding barn door in your living room to separate the space from the dining area or in your master bedroom to lead into the bathroom. You can really make a statement by having a barn door for your closet door.  

Metallic Accents

Metal accents are one of the defining elements of a farmhouse design. Choosing copper light fixtures or cabinet hardware are is an easy way to provide a warm touch to any space. In the kitchen, copper range hoods above the stove, and especially copper sinks, are trendy farmhouse elements. When you’re decorating a bedroom or bathroom, find a beautiful copper mirror as an accent piece.

You don’t have to include all of these elements when you’re designing your space. Do your research, decide what you like and roll with it.


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Written by Lauren Margolis

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