A Holiday Insurance Checklist

Keep your family and your personal property protected this holiday season by making sure you have the proper insurance coverage. 

This holiday season, we will be relying on our cars more than ever as we shop for gifts and visit relatives who live far away or in other states. This extra time on the road brings a greater risk to our personal property and sometimes ourselves. 

Before you hit the road, review your current insurance to ensure your premiums are paid and that you have the coverage you need. For your homeowner’s or renter’s insurance, this means having “replacement cost” insurance that will adequately compensate you for the loss of personal property, including those gifts under the tree. Limits should be considered based on an estimation of what it would cost to replace every item in your house. 

Stay Safe from Burglary

For your vehicle, make sure you have comprehensive insurance to cover damage by vandalism or burglary. This usually carries a deductible, sometimes as low as $250 or as high as $1,000. However, it will protect you should your car be damaged while it’s parked, and your renter’s or homeowner’s policy will most likely cover any items stolen from your car. 

Mall parking lots are a favorite place for car burglars to shop. While you’re inside spending your hard-earning money, they’re outside stealing what you just paid for. Keep your packages out of view and consider moving your car to another spot after you load packages so a surveilling thief will think you’re leaving for good. 

Before you head out on a holiday road trip, schedule a quick vehicle service such as an oil change or tire rotation. These services usually come with a free safety inspection, which might uncover a latent issue that could have created a serious dent in your travel plans. 

If You’re Renting

If you’re renting a vehicle, check with your insurance company to make sure the rental vehicle will be covered the same as your personal vehicle. If you don’t get confirmation or you’re just unsure, consider purchasing the rental car coverage insurance. It will be far cheaper than repairing or replacing the rental car.

In the event of an accident, seek medical attention immediately, even if it’s just an evaluation at a walk-in clinic. Oftentimes injuries aren’t immediately known and symptoms can appear days or weeks after the collision. Make sure to exchange information at the scene or get a police report number and to photograph all vehicles involved as well as the roadway and overall scene of the accident.

Taking some extra time to prepare for the holidays in this way will ensure that you’re covered should anything happen at home or on the road this season.

About the Author

Michael Brehne is an Orlando attorney with over 22 years of experience with representing injured people in accidents as well as against their own insurance company when claims aren’t properly paid. This includes vehicle, homeowner’s, renter’s, disability, accidental death and life insurances. He is a decorated former law enforcement officer, serving with the Orlando Police Department as a detective and with the Florida Highway Patrol.


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