Don’t Dread Getting a Mammogram. You’ll be Better Off For it

To all young women, I say: get to know your body and get to know your breasts. I think the only reason why I’m so comfortable is because I know what is normal for my breasts and I am confident I would recognize a change. You need to pay attention to your breasts.

There are so many cases where women have gone to their doctors with big lumps because they’re not paying attention. They’re just putting on their bras and going about their days, or just not noticing the changes.

It’s also important to find a doctor you’re comfortable with. Don’t be afraid to change doctors. It’s a total pain, but once you find that right doctor who can sit with you and answer all of your questions, it’s invaluable to have that relationship. Don’t stop until you’ve found that doctor.

Make the commitment. It’s about 30 minutes a year that you’re taking for this mammogram. A lot of young women don’t want to talk about mammograms because it makes them feel old or sound old. Or like they’re not cool. You’re not old when you have a mammogram, and it’s not the end of the world. Don’t fear it. Don’t dread it. Do it.


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Written by Kristi Gomen

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