Be a Leader in Winter Park

Our springtime activities are in full swing, which means we are now recruiting emerging leaders to apply for our Leadership Winter Park program. Leadership Winter Park equips and mobilizes advanced leaders and community trustees for Winter Park and our region. Our nine-month program, beginning in August, features a deep dive into sectors of the community to review critical issues, connections with key leaders and engagement in leadership training to shape their future as influential citizens. Applications for Class XXVIII are now being accepted through June 30.

Leadership development isn’t just left to the adults. Summer is rapidly approaching, and with the anticipation of summertime comes the struggle of planning summer activities for teens. What better way for students to occupy their break than with a challenging yet rewarding experience?

The Winter Park Chamber encourages all Central Florida students from public, private or charter schools to apply for our Youth Leaders program. Our value-driven program is designed to jumpstart youth into their lives as leaders, giving them a broader view of the wealth of opportunity in Winter Park. The program includes career planning and reflection, disciplinary skill development and 25 community service hours to be approved by their school. Encourage your student to apply by Wednesday, May 10, to join other talented youth in the prospect of achievement. We can’t wait to see what they can accomplish.


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