Man Cave Ideas for Fathers and Family Fun

Photo of multiple game machines inlcuding Mortal Kombat, Golden Tee and Arcade Legends inside a man cave.

Man caves are one of the current top trends for husbands, wives and families nationwide. Today’s modern “man cave” has evolved from a once dark and dreary space to an open, bright game room for the whole family. 

Gone are the days of the old beat-up ball return pool table that your wife was embarrassed to show her friends, and it is the stylish, multifunctional pool table that doubles as your stunning dining room table. These tables are full-size regulation pool tables, but your wife would never know when you put on the beautiful matching dining top. They also make beautiful long dining benches that open and store your pool table accessories. Better yet, they tuck fully underneath your regulation pool table when you want to play pool.

Photo of the inside of The Man Cave Warehouse store in Orlando.

I think of the “man cave” as the family fun room in my industry! Yes, it’s a great place to crack open a cold beer or cocktail with the guys, but it’s also a space for your family and kids to enjoy. You can customize your man cave for evening game nights with an awesome multi-game arcade or a shuffleboard table. 

Man cave items are stunning pieces of furniture that are an incredible addition to any house. If you want to bring a wow factor and competition into your man cave, add a new modern-day pinball machine with titles such as Rush, Godzilla, and James Bond, to name a few. You can’t go wrong with a Stern Pinball machine! These games bring hours and hours of fun into your household. And don’t forget the poker/game tables, which are great for those evening poker nights with the guys, but also make a fabulous domino or scrabble table for your kids. 

It’s time to turn a formal dining room or living room into the modern-day man cave, the kind your whole family will enjoy. So, when you are ready to look for your next man cave item, head over to The Man Cave Warehouse in Orlando, Tampa and Sarasota, where we can help you pick the perfect piece for your house.


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Written by Carson Klopf

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