She Shed Needs Shining? Here’s How to Make it Happen

A she shed adorned with flowers

Move over man cave — the she shed has arrived. That’s right, the ladies are turning the garage or backyard shed into their own mixed-use escape. Most women could use more space, whether for a hobby, as a home office, or to seek much-needed solitude. But what is the best way to capitalize on this extra square footage and transform these otherwise dusty, drab areas into livable lady havens? From how to set it up to what to use it for, these she shed ideas will have you ready to spark your unique joy.

Tip 1

First, don’t leave your she shed looking basic. Sprucing it up with exterior design touches like a fresh color palette, a fountain, a stone path leading to the entrance, or a privacy hedge or bushes will make it feel like an enchanting oasis. Sheds are often dark and enclosed, so swapping in a windowed door or French doors, or installing a skylight or window will brighten the space with natural light.

Tip 2

Next, run new electrical wiring or get the current system up to par. Get this done before adding furniture and decorations. You’ll need power for electronics, appliances, exercise equipment, and the all-important lighting scheme. Lights aren’t just functional; they are an essential element of your she shed decor. Consider hanging a chandelier as a focal piece, installing dimmers for mood lighting, or running string lights to make every day feel festive.

Tip 3

Most sheds are limited in size, so storage is key. Fill your she shed with multipurpose furniture to maximize every square inch. Smaller-scale pieces such as a daybed instead of a sofa or a floating ledge rather than a table will make it feel more spacious. Utilize coffee tables and benches with built-in drawers or floor-to-ceiling shelving to house and organize books, movies, and arts-and-crafts supplies.

Ready for a Special Touch

Now your she shed is ready to tailor to your specific needs. If you require a calm and cozy sanctuary, outfit a comfy nook with pillows and throws for reading and uninterrupted naps, perhaps alongside a candle-filled faux fireplace. Include a desk or work table — maybe installed on hinged latches to fold away — so the space can double as a distraction-free home office or place to spread out your art and scrapbooking projects.

A she shed can also be where you indulge in your favorite activities without impacting other family members, like playing guitar, listening to music as loud as you like, or screening movies in surround sound. You can carve out room for home gym equipment or yoga mats, complete with an essential oil diffuser and space for stretching. Or stock your she shed with a minifridge, bar cart and your favorite cocktail spirits for unwinding after a long day or hosting a ladies’ night in the perfect party lounge.

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Written by Nicole Paskowsky

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