Brightline Announces Launch Delay in Orlando Again.

Brightline Train in Boggy Creek Road, Orlando; via The Palm Beach Post

The Brightline train has given South Florida travelers fast, luxurious, and effortless rides to and from West Palm Beach, Boca Raton, Fort Lauderdale, Aventura, and Miami. After years of adhering solely to South Florida, people were excited to hear that the company was opening a three-story, 37,350-square-foot station in the Orlando International Airport featuring shopping, snacks, and beautiful views of the station. 

Ticket sales for stops at MCO began in May; however, there’s a crucial update: the launch has been delayed again.

According to Brightline, they will not be launching service to or from Orlando from Sept. 7 – 21. Travel has been canceled for anyone with September booking dates during the expressed timeframe. At this time, there is no certainty that the launch date will resume on Sept. 22.

The company still needs to complete the final stages of testing and certification before becoming fully operational.

About the Brightline Experience

Riding the train from Miami to Orlando will take about three hours, 30 minutes less than driving without traffic. The Miami-Orlando ride will cost $79 each way for smart class and $149 each way for premium class, according to There’s also a package deal that will cost $199 each way for a family of four. 

A factor that swayed Brightline into building a Central Florida station was the traffic between Orlando and West Palm. “We estimate that there are about 35 million trips annually between South and Central Florida on two highways that are sandwiched between Lake Okeechobee and the Atlantic Ocean,” said Goddard. The MCO station will alleviate traffic on the Interstate and the Turnpike while providing a seamless and efficient method of travel. 

For more information about Brightline, visit If you have questions about the cancelation of a trip, visit the Help Desk on the website for assistance.


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Written by Andrew Montana

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