Study Tips for a Successful School Year. Good Luck!

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Don’t let the study struggles slow you down. Whether cramming the night before an exam or brushing up on new class material, these helpful tips will simplify your school year.

Study Space

Choosing the perfect study space is crucial to doing well in school. Minimize distractions by choosing a quiet, comfortable location and clearing your desk of trinkets that could steal your attention. Studying at home can be difficult, knowing that your bed is not too far away, calling your name. Consider going to a local coffee shop or library to ensure nothing can falter your focus. 

The most crucial component of creating a successful study space is the snacks. Fill your space with brain food like grapes to reduce stress and dark chocolate for energy. Although it can be tempting, using television and popular music as background noise can be more harmful than helpful. Instead, tune your headphones into instrumental music or lofi beats to ensure your study sesh becomes something other than an impromptu jam sesh.

Ace the Test

Test-taking can be overwhelming. Knowing where to begin when preparing for an exam is often difficult. Luckily, there is a method to the madness! Break down your study routine by making flashcards and summary cheat sheets. 

Try using blue ink when taking notes, as it improves memory and comprehension. Remember, studying doesn’t have to be boring. Make studying fun by drumming up catchy tunes to memorize key concepts, drawing funny pictures that demonstrate class material, or playing teacher, pretending like you are teaching your subject to a class of your own.

While it can be easy to get carried away in your studying groove, it is necessary to take frequent breaks to keep your mind fresh and ready to learn. Get up and stretch, walk, or grab a snack. After a quick break, your brain will be energized and ready to return to work.

Write Like a Boss

Essay writing is a hefty task. Refrain from making yourself sound overly sophisticated. Write using your original voice, be honest, and don’t be shy to make your writing authentic. Having a plan before jumping into any writing assignment is essential. Outline the main topics before beginning your draft to ensure a smooth, organized, and guided writing process. Check your work and check it twice with online tools like Grammarly

Top of the Class Tech

In today’s age, technology is here to make life easier. Take advantage of the convenience of apps that will make studying a breeze. Maximize your note-taking skills with Dragon Anywhere and ScannerPro, and if you are tired of staring at boring notes while cramming for an exam, up your study game with interactive apps like Quizlet and XMind.

Now that you have all these valuable tips and tricks, you can make the most of the school year! Learn like there is no tomorrow, and embrace the journey of knowledge. Your brain will thank you later.


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Written by Jenna Greaves

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