The Grandma Party of all Holiday Parties Turns 21

A Unique Holiday with Grandma

In the Theme Park Capital of the World, finding holiday cheer is as easy as getting on I-4 and heading west toward all that promised amusement. In the days between Thanksgiving and Christmas, Charlie Brown has an icy winter wonderland at Gaylord Palms. The Grinch takes over Universal Studios. And, of course, Mickey hosts a Very Merry Christmas. But what about a party for Grandma during the holidays?

Well, if you point the car in the opposite direction, toward downtown, you could glimpse a truly unique holiday bazaar. It does not revolve around a beloved animated character. Instead, the theme for this artsy celebration is outsized, geriatric underwear. 

“I love the phrase, granny panties. All the decorations this year are going to be very large granny panties,” says Jenna Caring, organizer of Stardust Video & Coffee’s Grandma Party Bazaar.

Since it opened in 1999, Stardust has been at the heart of Orlando’s underground art scene. Originally a movie rental shop, it has evolved into a café, a bar, a concert venue, an art gallery, and so much more. 

Grandma is Turning 21. It’s a Party.

On December 10th, it will serve as host to the self-proclaimed grandma of all Orlando art bazaars. This year, Grandma Party is turning 21. Redlight Redlight is brewing a hard cider to celebrate Grandma reaching drinking age. Visitors to the all-day event can sip from commemorative cans while browsing handcrafted goods and artwork.

Caring is a metalsmith who sold her jewelry at the party before stepping into the organizer role. As a former vendor, she does not take the job of curating sellers lightly. She received 136 applications and had room for less than 60. 

In addition to retail vendors, a tattoo artist will be on hand to offer visitors fresh ink. There will be a tarot card reader and a poet ready to pen some on-the-spot verse. 

In recent years, vendors have poured over into the Redlight parking lot. While Caring aims to keep Grandma Party a maker’s market, there is a nice mix of vintage goods across the street. Also, Chef Jes Tantalo will be serving chimichangas. 

What to Expect

There will be live music and a raffle if a deep-fried breakfast burrito, washed down with local brew while shopping, is not enough to lift the holiday spirit.

“Our raffle is the best raffle of any event. I’m not even going to try and be humble about it,” Caring says. 

Past prizes have included Black Bean Deli gift cards, Lil Indies bar tabs and haircuts at Alchemy Salon.  

Perhaps this year, Caring should change Grandma Party’s name to Great Grandma Party. She and her business partner, Molly White, recently opened VEER Collective. The 200-square-foot retail space inside Alchemy features artwork by local artists and a selection of carefully curated goods, sure to make grandma proud.


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Written by Michael Cuglietta

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