Orlando Science Charter School Opens East Campus in 2024

Portrait of young black girl using VR technology in engineering class representing STEM promotion at new East Campus of Orlando Science Charter School.

Orlando’s Education Landscape Evolves with the Arrival of a New STEM Charter School

Orlando is known for its innovation in education, and the stakes are rising again with the opening of the Orlando Science Charter School K8 in East Orlando for the 2024-2025 academic year. Catering to grades K-8, this tuition-free, STEM-focused public charter school represents a significant step in educational advancement for the region.

Orlando Science Charter School: A New Era in STEM Education

The Orlando Science Charter School, part of the acclaimed Orlando Science Schools (OSS) system, has been setting the standard in education since 2008, merging a well-rounded learning approach with a strong emphasis on STEM. The new 68,000-square-foot campus is a beacon of future-forward education, featuring state-of-the-art science and math labs, a gym, and a soccer field. It’s designed to foster OSS’s award-winning programs in robotics, Science Olympiad, Model UN, and competition math.

A Response to Community Demand and Educational Excellence

Dr. Yalcin Akin, the Executive Director of Orlando Science Schools, highlights the East Orlando expansion as a response to community demand and a testament to the success of OSS’s approach in empowering and enriching young minds across Central Florida. Open enrollment is now available for grades K-6, so he encourages families to act now.

“We are eager to introduce our STEM-focused programs and innovative
learning environment to even more families in Central Florida. All Orange County residents and
families on the OSS waitlist are welcome to enroll,” said Dr. Yalcin Akin in a press release.

Engagement and Exploration: Open Houses and Enrollment Details

To acquaint families with its innovative learning environment, OSS is hosting two open houses. The first is a virtual event on December 9, and the second is an in-person event on December 16 at the OSS Technology campus. These open houses will provide families with the opportunity to explore the unique educational offerings of OSS. Enrollment for the new school year is open, with a January 21, 2024 deadline for the lottery drawing.

Orlando Science Schools: Shaping the Future of Education

As a public charter school approved by the Orange County School Board, Orlando Science Schools has been nurturing minds from K-12 with a special focus on STEM and reading, employing research-based and innovative instructional methods. The opening of the East Campus is a milestone in nurturing the next generation of innovators and thinkers.

For more information visit www.east.orlandoscience.org.


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